Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello World

Well here I am. I could be all boring and tell you about myself but I am sure no one really wants to know all that. It is probable that anyone reading this didn't get past the 'swinging' part of my name and so that's really what they want to read about.

My husband and I started on this journey about two years ago. Along the way we have lived out our fantasies and seen and done things we could never have imagined before. When we started we met a whole lot of people who asked us, "What sort of things are you into?" Back then we didn't know how to answer this question so we fumbled around and said
"Well the normal stuff, oral sex, fucking, all in, you know."
I had no idea of the plethora of things that we could do and explore and even now I come accross new ideas every day.

One question we often ask people when we first meet is "What is your ultimate fantasy?" Even in a room full of people who are open minded enough to admit they enjoy fucking outside their marraige and many of whom will go as far as stating they enjoy watching their partner fuck someone else, we are surprised at some people's lack of imagination. On the flipside we have met some people who have done some elaborate set ups and read some amazing accounts of people who have concieved and acted out some amazing scenarios.

What is my ultimate fantasy?I hear you ask. Well it involves a piece of equipment installed at our favourite club and a number of men selected from a crowd of onlookers. For full details I invite you to check out
This is a fantasy that I have lived in part but I do hope that the planets will align one day and it will all come together. Until then we continue to meet new people, have great ideas and explore the possibilities. When it no longer seems like an adventure we will most likely retire.

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