Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good Friends

There is something about very good friends who can come to your house and fit right in. They know where the coffe cups are when they need a cuppa. The kids all play together and when you sit down for dinner it is like an extended family. What makes very good friends truly special is when you put all the kids to bed and then the real fun starts.

We are fortunate that we have one of these friends. Every now and then we all get together for the night. We struggled a little with threesomes when we started swinging. We couldn't seem to get the balance right and come away with everyone feeling included. Since then we have managed to be lucky enough to meet a 'unicorn' who we have both become good friends with.

Being in bed with the three of us feels like the most natural thing in the world. Mr Gemma loves the feeling of fucking each of us in turn while the other kisses, suckles breasts and strokes and licks the pussy that has a cock in it. I would shy away from describing myself as bisexual but I do love the soft feeling of kissing a woman's lips. I love the feeling of her soft skin against mine and I LOVE fondling her breasts and feeling her nipples in my mouth.

Afterwards the three of us lie together arms interwined stroking and caressing as we drift off to sleep. The feeling of waking up with a choice of a man or woman to stroke is decadent beyond belief.

There is much talk amongst swingers about friends with benifits. What is the difference between a friend with benifits and a fuck buddy? Are the terms interchangable? For some people I think they are. For us they are not. I think in Ms Unicorn we have found a true friend with benifits. We can enjoy a meal. We know we can ask for a favour when we need child minding or some help and she knows we will return the favour. And then, every now and then we can enjoy a beautiful sensual evening. There is definitely a lot to be said for having good friends.

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