Friday, March 4, 2011

How Do You Swing?

I was chatting to a friend of mine who is a 'newbie' in the world of swinging about a date that Mr Gemma and I went on recently. I normally don't discuss detail more than "It was good" or "OMG it was so hot! He fucked the skin off me!" or "Well it wasn't so great but you can't win them all." My friend was very curious about the mechanics of things, asking questions like, "So did you fuck him in the same bed as your hubby and the other woman?", "Did you touch the other couple while you were fucking him?" etc. In this particular case Mr Gemma took Mrs Other off to another room while Mr Other and I got busy on the couch. My friend was very curious about how that worked, how Mr Gemma felt being sparated from me etc.

I have to say that we have never come home and said to each other, "Well that was exactly at the same as last time." Even when we were seeing people that we had seen before. There always seemed to be something different that came to mind, a different position, a different configuration, a different part of a body, someone's body to explore.

I have very good memories of two men and one woman all focussing on one lucky lady (the guys got a breast each and Gemma got the pussy if you must know), a pile of bodies stroking and licking parts that came to hand, and a very luscious night in a hotel with a very luscious man. Every relationship has different dynamics. For some people (my friend falls very strongly into this group) a big part of the pleasure is watching their partner experience extreme pleasure at the hands of another. For others (Mr Gemma and I are going more and more with this idea as we go along) being in a separate room allows us to focus on what we are doing without getting distracted by other things happening around us.

We like sex, and we like swinging because we get to try new things all the time. Part of that is getting to try new pussies and cocks which is exciting in itself but another big part is getting into different scenarios; two, three, four, six or more people having sex together at the same time, or acting out 'fantasy' scenarios that may not be possible in a traditional monogomous relationship. In The Unseen Gift Jake meets an unkown, unseen woman in a darkened hotel room. The sex that follows is something he would never experience with his wife. It is not something he wants to do every day but it is certainly an experience he will remember for the rest of his life.

Swinging mythology presents the wife swapping of the 1950's and 1960's and the 'key' parties of the 1970's. Even today the standard idea of swinging among the general population is one of straight 'wife swapping' between the partners of two committed couples. The reality of the modern swing scene is that the only limit to what can happen is your imagination. The trick to having a range of fantastic experiences is to not let your imagination be limited.

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