Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Joys of Squirting

In a previous post I mentioned that a visit to Ladies Only Night gave me the kick off to start my journey towards female ejaculation or ‘squirting’ as it is more commonly known. I will take a moment to say that this is not a ‘how to’ post. There are many great articles and videos out there and this is just my thoughts on the journey I followed.
In Mr Gemma’s and my readings on this topic which include various internet forums and articles we have realised that a lot of people out there think that squirting is a myth. Or at the very least something that only certain porn stars have learned to fake. 
After my experience at Ladies Only Night, I was certain that it was definitely not a myth and I had also been convinced that you did not have to be special to be able to do this. You just had to be comfortable with yourself and have a good knowledge of your body.  I would love to say that I went home after my demonstration and practice session and sat astride Mr Gemma and squirted away.  The reality was far from it.
Did I mention the ‘comfortable with your own body’ part?  Mr Gemma has a thing about pee. He loves it. During the first 10 years of our marriage, he tried to convince me to pee on him.  After about 7 years I managed to pee on his foot in the shower!!! Even after I managed to convince myself that it was OK, my urethra had other ideas.  There was no way I could just squat over him and pee unless I was literally about to burst.
What does that have to do with squirting? Well the precursor to squirting is a feeling that you are about to pee.  The liquid comes out of the same hole so that is no big surprise really. However, if you have trained yourself for upwards of 35 years not to pee in public, then it is hard to just ignore that sensation and let things flow!!! You have to be comfortable with your own body and all the things that come out of it.
On top of that, the exact spot to stimulate is hard to locate and once located sometimes hard to stimulate in the right way.  I will also add here that what works for Gemma may not work for Jane, or Dora or any other woman.  What works for Jane won’t work for Dora and, well you get the picture. This is where the ‘knowing your own body’ part comes in to play.  One of the side benefits of this whole process has been the knowledge gained by myself and Mr Gemma about how Gemma’s body works. We didn’t discover all of the triggers on our sweet little lonesome. Certain nights of fantastic oral sex and some damn good hard fucking gave us some very good clues to Gemma’s G-Spot road map.
I am happy to report that squirting has become part of our regular private repertoire. To date I have only shared this ‘party trick’ with very special people. Of course sometimes it just happens, especially after a good long, hard fuck with a particularly nice cock but mostly it is just for sharing with special people.
The main things I want to emphasise to people, especially women, are that this is something every woman can do at the right time and in the right place but you can’t force it. The most important part is to be relaxed and comfortable with your own body and the people around you.  My experience is that there is no ‘trick’ that will work for everyone.  You have to find what works for you. 

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