Monday, March 14, 2011

Losing Your Virginity

Thinking about story ideas the other day and I got to thinking about Mr Gemma and my first swing.  There is something about losing your swinging virginity.  Like losing your virginity as a teenager, the experience can really affect how you view the whole concept for a long time. Most people seem to have a few false starts. But if a really fantastic experience doesn’t come along sooner or later, it makes it really hard to justify keeping on trying. Some friends of ours remarked to us recently that if it wasn’t for their first ‘really good’ couple they would have given up on swinging altogether.  Needless to say they are VERY glad their paths crossed.
Our first ‘proper swing’ was also very memorable for us.  We visited a swingers club that we had been to once or twice before and while standing at the bar waiting for a drink, we started talking to this couple.  He was very tall and broad and dressed like a Roman Catholic priest and she was dressed in a sexy air hostess uniform.  It felt great being with people who knew what they were doing and who treated you with respect, not just the next sexual conquest. 
Needless to say, we ended up in one of the upstairs rooms where I experienced my first real girl / girl action before turning my attention to a real man’s man.  The thing that really attracted us to these people (apart from the obvious sexy stuff of course) was that they respected each other fully and that respect also applied to us and our relationship.  Combine that with a very sexy lady married to a big bull of a man who can fuck all night and it was a magical combination. 
It turned out that one romp in the upstairs room was not enough for all of us and we ended up going back to their hotel where we all fucked ourselves stupid for the rest of the night. Mr Gemma and I got home at around 5am and spent the next week unable to keep our hands off each other. 
That night ticked off a lot of things on our wish list. Things we had both fantasised about for a long time. The buzz from it was amazing and it spurred us on to bigger and better things.  I feel bad for people who want so much to participate in the scene but continue to have bad experiences, either because of the people they meet or because of issues within their own lives.  Swinging is definitely not for everyone out there but when you get it right, it is HOT.

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