Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Making of the Fantasy Files

When Mr Gemma and I started out on this journey we didn't know what we were looking for because we didn't know what we could have. For the first little while we were happy enough to experience sex with a variety of people.  It didn't take long before we started to get our head around things and expanded our shopping list.

The idea of making fantasies come true is pretty central to this lifestyle.  It is one of the most common reasons people start swinging. After we had been playing for a while the feeling of being in a fantasy world was very strong.  I started writing stories about what we were doing. It was like a cross between a diary of our swinging life and some erotica.

After a while we got more adventurous. Our 'bucket list' morphed from a list of sexual positions and acts that we wanted to try to whole scenarios that we could act out.  The Unseen Gift is the story of the first scenario that we acted out as a couple. The experience was mind boggling and it opened our eyes to a whole new world of experiences.  I have never really felt comfortable with the idea of role playing but after this I became hooked.  I loved reading about other people's role play and started to think actively about situations we could act out.

One of my favourite topics for discussion when we met other players was "What is your ultimate fantasy?" This question has uncovered some interesting ideas.  I started writing stories about our fantasies and then about other people's fantasies.

The idea of a fantasy is so different for different people.  For some it is about an act;
"She wears a strap on and she fucks me in the ass while I pound my girlfriend with my own cock...."

For other people it is about a scenario:
"Sitting on the bed, waiting, listening. The fabric of the blindfold is snug over my eyes. The bonds are tight on my wrists, I wait for him....."

For another group of people it is about a particular person;
"Kitty was the epitome of a professional woman  She wore a white business suit with a gold chain around her neck and a minimum of gold jewellery on her fingers......  To Blair she was the perfect woman..."

The Fantasy Files is a series of stories about people living their fantasy. Some stories are fantasies that Mr Gemma and I have made come true.  Some are our own personal fantasies. Some of the stories are my take on fantasies that other people have told to me.

The experience has opened my eyes to a whole different way of thinking about playing. I don't think my quest to seek out fantasies will ever end now.  When Mr Gemma and I talk about wishlists we talk about what experiences we would like to have. But it is more than that. I have an insatiable curiosity about other people's fantasies. What is yours?

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