Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Window Cleaner

Nick soaped the window and then began wiping away the suds with his window cleaner. Would she be there? He was eager to clear the whole window and see what was behind the glass for him today. But part of the attraction was the slow revelation as he made each stroke with his cleaner. He drew it out savouring the suspense. It was like unwrapping a gift. Each piece of tape had to be carefully removed, each fold of paper carefully opened.

With the first stroke he saw her face. His heart skipped a beat as he too in her features. The crystal clear blue eyes above the pert nose and classic red rosebud mouth. Their eyes met and even through the glass he felt their connection. Without even seeing her body he knew in every part of him that she was a sexual being.

The next stroke; his eyes opened wide as he took in her hair flowing over her bare shoulders. He was enthralled by her milky skin. His eyes travelled down to the hint of cleavage  but he couldn't see any more. He paused savouring the tension, fantasising about what would be revealed on the next stroke. In his mind he saw full round breasts sitting pertly on her chest.

He was not disappointed. Her breasts were pert and her nipples stood nicely to attention. With a small smile and a glint in her eye she cupped her breast and pinched her nipple between her finger and thumb. Nick's tongue touched his lips as he imagined putting his lips on her nipple.  In his fantasy he felt his tongue flicking over her nipple savouring how firm it felt. He felt a throb in his groin. Without realising he touched himself.

Another stroke; beautiful milky skin covering her belly.  Her fingers trail downwards stroking almost absently the skin above her pubis.  He placed his own hand in the waistband of his shorts. His cock was throbbing now. He knew she could see the bulge in his shorts.  He was aching to show her how much she turned him on.  But it wasn't time to bare himself fully yet. There was more of the gift to unwrap.

He revealed her pubis. He couldn't quite see the slit between her legs. He watched transfixed as her hand stroked her lower belly. His own hand delved further into his shorts. He was touching his cock now. Circling his hand around the shaft. The strokes were unconscious as he watched her hand disappeared from his view. He saw her body move as she placed her hand between her legs. 

Urgently he wiped away the last of the suds.  He could see her hand between her legs working frantically. There was a glisten of juice around her fingers. Her eyes were darker and he felt the desire in them. Her breasts were pressed against the window and he reached up and traced the outline through the glass.  Her face was almost touching the glass and her hot breath was fogging the window.  

Nick reached inside his pants and pulled out his own cock. He saw her eyes widen and the speed of her hand increased . He stroked up and down imagining her mouth around his cock.  The thought of those red lips wrapped around him made him moan to himself.  They looked into each other's eyes each wanking frantically. Her moans came to him faintly through the glass. His own body responded and then almost without warning his cum splashed over the glass.  She pressed her pussy against the spot and he saw her swollen lips and clit.  Then he saw her spasm and heard a final cry as she echoed him.

They stayed like that for a moment. Pressing their bodies together through the clear, hard barrier. Then it was over. She moved away from the glass. He stayed and watched for a moment as she put her clothes back on and went back to work at her desk. 

He looked down to the street below. Only twenty floors to clean before knock off time.

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