Monday, April 18, 2011

Afternoon Delights

When I was in my late teens my very straight laced mother had this strange idea that it was O.K for her virginal daughter to visit her boyfriend's house in the day time when his parents were at work but it was not O.K. to visit the same boyfriend in the same house at night time if his parents happened to be out. The reasoning that led to this conclusion?

Well apparently you can only have sex at night!!! I don't really know if she genuinely believed this gem or if she just wanted to make herself feel better. At that point in time I was living in another city as a university student. She really had very little control over where I went, what I did or who I did it with and I guess anything that she could say to me (or herself) was better than nothing. 

Of course being seventeen going on eighteen and having my closest parent living over 300Km away from me meant that I did pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted and with whom.  My boyfriend didn't have that luxury; his parents, annoyingly, chose to live in the same house as he did (or was it the other way around?). They were not big fans of teenage sex either and so my boyfriend and I became well acquainted with the 'afternoon delight'. We spent many a happy afternoon locked in his bedroom with the music turned up practicing our oral sex skills and fucking ourselves silly. I have very fond memories of that virginal relationship.

Fast forward twenty (or so) years and I found myself contemplating a similar encounter. As I have talked about in earlier posts, Creative Locations, Jake and I have been exploring creative ways to meet up with our friends when childminding has not been available.  Recently a nice guy who is great with his hands messaged me to tell me he had the day off work and to ask me if I have any suggestions about what he could do to occupy his time? It just so happened that I was able to wangle a few hours in the middle of the day as well. With the kids at school we were able to plan a nice session in the luxury of a bed with no mosquitoes in sight!.

Both of us were a little excited about our date.  Jake was also very excited for me.  He did have one request; that we record our session on our video recorder.  He wanted us both to watch and enjoy later.  So Mr Fix It arrived on schedule and after a coffee and a chat we got down to business.  It took a while to get the camera organised.  Perhaps if we got the camera happening before we took our clothes off it might have helped. A small amount of the action didn't make it onto the film but the important things did. There are a few basic things that I will never get tired of; giving head and trying out new techniques, riding a guy until he comes inside me, getting fucked hard and fast.

I am happy to report that all of the boxes got ticked in that area. I have the video evidence to prove it. Gemma was a very happy and satisfied customer. Jake came home for a visit at the end of our session.  He said that he could hear me from the driveway!!  I really was enjoying myself.

Watching the video later was a lot more horny than I thought it would be.  For once I put aside the thoughts of how fat my ass looked and how horrible the saggy bits were and enjoyed watching two people go at it.  We really were sexy.  I can 't wait to hear how Mr Fix it's wife enjoys watching the same movie.


  1. Once again...a very sexy story. Keep up the great blogging. We love to hear of your experiences. HornyDevils2

  2. Thanks for reading. I hope I am inspiring people to go out and live their fantasies!!

  3. Mrs Fix it is greatly looking forward to seeing it ;)