Sunday, April 10, 2011

Check that Out!!

Something that Jake and I take great delight in is pointing out hot chicks to each other when we are out and about.  I have always admired women either dressed or undressed and so this pastime is a natural progression from that.  As much as I would like to be able to I can't ever see myself sitting around with my girlfriends discussing things like breast size, proportion or general fuckability. Although, given some of the people we are spending time with these days, this is becoming more of a possibility.  Of course women talk about what other women are wearing and their shoes etc but I have found that my idea of what looks good on a woman is more in line with what a man would like to see than a heterosexual woman.

And so I find myself making notes on breast size, legs, butt size and shape and, by extension, her clothing with my husband.   This is great fun for us and we have a lot of laughs. It is also very educational for me as I have had some interesting insights into how Jake sees women and what he finds attractive that I never would have come accross any other way. 

A little while ago we were at a theme park together. As we were sitting in the restaurant having lunch Jake pointed out a woman to me who ticked all the normal boxes but what interested me about this particular discussion was the top she was wearing.  She had on a white tank top (I see you all nodding in approval, nothing seems to make breasts look as good as a white tank top right?). The thing that got me was that the top seemed to have these cup things in it which meant that her breasts looked all nice and perfectly round with no nipple in evidence.  Now it wasn't a hideous thing, and she still looked quite hot, but I couldn't get Jake to see how unnatural it looked.  All he saw was; good size, nice placement, white top, nice face, the rest of her looked good = HOT CHICK. Call me fussy but I like my woman to be all natural.  I tried to point this out to Jake later when we were sitting around the pool looking at bikini's (considerably more attractive than tank tops). He did agree but I don't think he was entirely convinced.

What did I learn from this exercise? 
  • My husband is much more forgiving of a few small flaws than perhaps I am. 
  • White tank tops on women look pretty hot
  • Bikini tops make breasts look good
  • Water based theme parks are a great place to hang out and perve
  • I just love the sight of a nice set of nipples pointing through wet fabric.  It turns me on. Truly.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better ourselves. The white tank top is super sexy! Keep up the great blog work. HornyDevils2.