Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creative Locations

Something Jake (Mr Gemma) and I have been exploring of late is the joys of adolescent style sex.  I am not talking about furtive groping in the back of the gym or awkward moments while losing our viginities (although that could be a scenario that some people find very alluring!). Rather, I am talking about taking advantage of opportunities and being creative about how and where.

When we started our adventures we were firm on the 'only play together' rule.  Things were very structured and playing occurred about 90% of the time in a bed be it at a club, a party, someone's house or a hotel.  If not a bed then a couch or something like that. These places were also very private with no unsuspecting children or people who weren't 'in the know' in the next room.  This kind of play is great but only works really well if there is someone to mind the kids.  Going to a club or hotel is expensive and having play friends to visit is not always a good thing if you can't get the kids out of the house.  So by necessity the amount of play time that many people (including us) can be limited.

As time has progressed we have evolved and so have some of our ideas.  We are finding right now that we have people in our lives who mean more to us than just a shag occasionally. We have become friends, our  children have met their children and there are friendships forming between them. Because of this we have relaxed the rules around needing the other person present before having any kind of sexual interaction.

Recently Jake went to watch drag racing with a very good female friend of ours.  I am not that into car racing so I was happy to stay home and mind the children for the night.  Of course after getting their car fix Jake and our friend found themselves in a deserted lane way on the way home.  Jake had visions of bending our friend over the bonnet of HIS car and giving her a good seeing to.  The five million mosquitoes living in the vicinity had other ideas!!!!  The horny couple had to retreat to the back seat of the car where they enjoyed some very good oral sex.

Not to be outdone though, I went to visit another friend of ours who works as a building services person in an inner city office block.  When the jaunt was planned I was going to wear a nice summer dress with no underwear, find us a nice spot in a park and spend his lunch hour teasing him with a view of my bare pussy.  In the back of my mind I was hoping we would find somewhere private enough to maybe do a little more than teasing.  The weather and my friend had other ideas!!.  We found ourselves in a vacant office suite of his building again enjoying some very nice oral sex (Happy Birthday Mr Fix it).  We would have even had some penetrative sex if either of us had been intelligent to remember the condoms.

The possibility of someone discovering you is very tantalising and it has whetted our appetite for even more of these escapades. I am sure that we will find some willing partners in crime should they be required.  We just have to make sure we always have insect repellent and condoms on hand

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