Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hunting Unicorns

Unicorn: Mythological animal with a single long horn, said to elude every captor.

There are so many couples out there looking for a single woman to join them and there are so few single women looking for couples that they have been attributed the mythical status of a unicorn.

There are any number of articles and forms about this topic in the big wide world of the net. such as this one on RedHotPie.

When Jake and I started swinging we decided we wouldn't pursue the single female option. Even though I wanted to have sex with a woman.  I also wanted to experiment with other cocks and, at the time, this was driving me harder.  Jake also feels very strongly about equal participation and we felt that foursomes would be a better way to avoid people being left out.

Despite this, it seems threesomes were destined to come our way.  Our first one was at a swinger's club one night.  We were approached by an attractive woman in her 40's. She was professional, well spoken, well groomed and she had an itch to scratch. Of course we, especially Jake, were very flattered that she chose us for this and we did our best to impress her.  We had heard horror stories about couples who treated single women as playthings without respect for their wishes, needs or dignity.  We were determined not to be like that.

As it turned out this lady was not looking for a lasting arrangement, just a scratch for her itch. In my determination to be generous and unselfish I was left wanting. Jake still rates this night as one of his best experiences but I have to say I was less than happy with things.

Some months later we were approached through a website by Ms Springfield. Unlike our first experience she was looking for a friendship. There were several meetings before any sex happened. She was shy and cautious, we didn't have a clue and things went very slowly.  To an outside observer it probably would have been very painful to watch. We got there eventually.

Now it is not unusual for her to come to ours for a drink or a meal and stay the night, or vice versa. We all sleep together and take turns being the one in the middle.  The sex is something else; sensual, gentle, caring, horny and respectful. Each one of us loves watching the other two please each other, offering a helping hand, finger, tongue or teeth where required. 

Of all the women who I have had the pleasure of enjoying she is the most sexy. I love her breasts, and her pussy. I am always amazed by her response to my touches and my tongue as well as how horny it makes me watching her fucking Jake.  The feeling of closeness when Jake is on top fucking me and she is cuddled to my side kissing both of us is indescribable.

I could go on for hours and hours about the sex.  I am sure that there are some of you who would happily read page after page of it. Maybe one day I will write a book about it. Right now I am happy just enjoying the experiences. So it seems, unicorns do exist. The best way to catch one. Don't look for her.

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