Friday, April 15, 2011

The Midnight Visitor (Again)

There is something really sexy about a lover sneaking into your bedroom at night. Check out  Midnight Visitor for a really hot experience I had a while ago. The excitement and anticipation can make the whole experience a little surreal.  Having people sneaking around in the middle of the night is made even more exciting when it is a spur of the moment of thing.

Recently we were chatting with a friend on MSN. We were exploring with each other different ideas and fantasies and we were making some tentative plans to meet up in the near future with a view to making some of what we were discussing a reality. Our friend has had a relatively sheltered life and he is very shy when describing what he is interested in doing. He is however very keen to explore and try new things. It makes Jake and I feel great that he trusts us enough to follow this path with us and we are very excited about the possibilities.

I won't go into all the details of his fantasies but we discovered (almost by accident) that he and Jake shard a fascination with cum.  I will stress that these guys both describe themselves as straight. They just love the sight of a man's cum on a woman's body and in her pussy.

So we were chatting away, making plans and flirting with each other. Of course we were all feeling a bit horny and so we started discussing things like;
"Do you have a hard on?"
"Is your pussy wet talking about this?"
"Fuck I am horny right now."

Then almost totally out of the blue we thought to ourselves 'What are we waiting for.' So we typed,
"You wanna come over right now?"

It was strange, once we put it out there we were all afraid of intruding.  There was all the polite statements and avoiding
"Well I wouldn't want to put you out'"
"It is getting late, don't you have to go to work tomorrow?"

We were being careful of our friend not wanting to push ourselves onto him.  He was being careful of us, not wanting to intrude on our home life. It was a little frustrating. I just wanted everyone to say what they were really thinking and make a decision.

In the end we got there and then there was the nerve wracking wait for him to turn up.  We were nervous but the spontaneity of the night was a real turn on. I don't think he drove too fast (well at least there were no speed cameras working at that time of night). When he finally arrived we all stood around nervously looking at each other and the bed. Jake and I felt comfortable with each other and what we were about to do.  Our friend was trying to be cool but he had a 'deer caught in the headlights' look about him.

Once we all got naked and on the bed things started to warm up. There was some very hot sex. There was cum on people's faces and on me of course. Fantasies were realised and our friend found himself enjoying some experiences he had never dreamed he would become a reality. For me I was treated to the attentions of two sexy guys.  It has been a while since I was fortunate enough to experience this.  I had almost forgotten how good it is.

Our friend left the way he came in, via a side door.  The whole experience was certainly more than a dream. Our tiredness and lack of focus the next day at work certainly demonstrated that. 

The other tell tale sign that we enjoyed ourselves... We fucked ourselves silly for days afterwards.

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