Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wanna Play Tie Up?

After our little venture into the world of BDSM you would think that we would be happy to stick to fucking.  Truth is we did for a while. We met some great people, enjoyed some great sex, learned some new positions and some new tricks.  But as I said we do like our spanking so that remained part of what we did. As we got more comfortable with ourselves and what we were doing we played 'tie ups' a few times.

Personally I love the feeling of power I get from teasing a man who is restrained and unable to touch me. On one very memorable occasion as a birthday treat for her very handsome husband; a friend of ours organised for me to meet with him in a hotel room, give him a lap dance and then have my evil way with him.  While he wasn't fully restrained he was under instruction not to touch unless invited.  As a man who loved to touch and also liked very much to be in control this was a challenge for him.

I am happy to report he rose to the occasion.  I only had to smack him on the wrist a couple of times. I was kind and let him touch a little because I am a big softie and he had beautiful puppy dog eyes.  The sex was amazing.  For me it was made better by the feeling that I was so desirable that I could drive this man crazy with just the sight of me.

Lately I have been attracted to the idea of being the one who has the lesser power.  Jake has been the one to tie me up a few times which is against my nature but the challenge made the experience more full on.  I seem to be attracted to stories that involve domination like Ruby Kiddell's 'Hotel' series. The thought of being bossed around by someone is very erotic. Food for thought and scenarios for future adventures perhaps.

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