Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Can Tell it has Been a Good Party When .....

As people who follow @swinginggemma on Twitter would know Jake and I found ourselves walking down the street dressed for a party over the weekend.  Usually it is necessary to cover up a little when travelling to this kind of thing. Overcoats and jackets are popular and easy to take off once you are in the door and out of view of the public eye because it is just not cricket to walk down the street in your knickers.  The theme of this particular night was 'Naughty Schoolgirls' so I figured that I could make it the 200 meters or so from our hotel down the street to the party venue not wearing anything other than my costume for the night. Of course I buttoned up my shirt but nothing was going to make my skirt any longer.  From the front I was reasonably respectable but anyone checking out my butt would see, well, my butt. 
So off we went down the inner city street.  Along the way we passed a few people.  One my favourite moments was passing a man in his early 20's carrying a carton of beer on his shoulder.  As he approached us he made a comment indicating his approval of my appearance.  I smiled and kept on walking I didn't look back but Jake (being quite impressed with his wife at this point) did.  It seems that the guy thought I looked good from the front but the peek of my butt under my skirt really undid him.  According to Jake the beer nearly ended up on the footpath!.

The organisers of the party seem to have gotten it together pretty well and have a knack for inviting a good mix of people and there is always plenty of action. After some lap dancing as part of the ice-breakers set up by the organisers the clothing started to peel off. Jake and I found ourselves in a quiet corner with a couple we already knew relatively well.  In the week leading up to the party there had been much flirting by text with these guys so we were all primed for a good time.  None of us were disappointed. There was much sucking of cock, licking of pussy and some good hard fucking. 

We had chosen a quiet corner of the lounge area for our session and this turned out to be a good choice.  Instead of generating an audience as we thought we might everyone wandered off to a bedroom and left us with the couch and the air conditioner to ourselves.  Good choice.  After a while people came and went some watched, and some joined in I loved the natural flow of it.  There were no people who pushed their way in when they weren't welcomed and we didn't feel like we were providing the entertainment. 

Of late I had started to feel that we were becoming veterans with this and going to parties didn't generate the excitement that it once had.  Even as the night wound down and everyone made their way back to their homes or their hotel I still didn't have a feeling of WOW that was full on.  But after a few hours of dirty sex with three different men, and some oral sex experimenting (details in a later post) Jake and I found ourselves in our hotel fucking again, and again the next morning before going home, and again the next evening and again on Monday morning.  For the next few days we were very touchy feely with each other and I had a constant desire to have his cock inside me. It has been a while since a night out had that effect. It must have been a very good party. 

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