Saturday, May 14, 2011

Default Continued

There were a few readers who were curious about what happened when Amanda closed the door on Wank Wednesday. I decided to extend my story to satisfy their curiosity.

Roger wasn't sure what he had expected, but being led on a dog lead by a woman wielding a riding crop was not on the list.  She tugged at the lead and he found himself moving on all fours behind her into the room. At the foot of the bed they stopped.  His face was very close to her boot now and he dared a look up her leg towards her body.  Above the leather of her boots her thighs were covered with fishnets. Further up, he could see a black and white corset. Her long dark hair was twisted neatly above her head.
"Stand up," she commanded firmly.
His shock at his surroundings and the way she was treating him made his response slow.
"I said stand up!" she repeated firmly, giving him another sting with her crop.
He didn't need to be told twice and hurriedly got to his feet.
"Take off your clothes." Her commands were sharp but her voice was not harsh. Roger stripped out of his business suit as quickly as he could.  He felt his nipples harden at the feel of the air conditioning and, strangely, there was stirring in his cock.
"Leave them," she commanded as he hooked his fingers into his boxers. Roger shivered a little in anticipation and fear as his commander walked up to him. His eyes were glued on the creamy skin of her breasts that was pushed upwards by her corset. Thoughts of ravaging her body made his cock stiffen even more.
Slowly she walked around him using her crop to stroke his torso and legs.  When she reached the front of him she stopped. Slowly and gently she stroked his cock through the fabric of his boxers, as much as he tried not to allow it he felt his cock growing bigger and harder than he could ever remember it being.
As she stroked and his cock grew she smiled. For the first time Roger noticed how red her lips were. He had a mental image of those red lips around his cock sucking down his cum, he gasped at the thought of it.
"Take off your shorts," her voice was softer, slightly husky. Roger glanced into her eyes and for a second he thought he saw desire but she quickly extinguished it.
"Bend over the bed," she commanded when his boxers hit the floor.
As he kneeled down to bend over the bed he thought for a moment how compelling she was.  His cock ached for her to touch him but at the same time there was a perverse pleasure in being this woman's plaything. There was a sharp sting as she slapped his naked butt with her crop. He couldn't stop himself from jerking upwards but he relaxed again as she stroked him gently.
Then there was another sting, and another, and another. He cried out half in pain and half in pleasure.  One moment he wanted her to stop and then the next he wanted her to keep going. The rain of blows stopped when he whimpered out,
The stinging slaps stopped and he felt her body pressing against him. In his mind he could see those breasts against his back and the stings from her crop faded away. Her fingers ran down over his butt cheeks past his anus to gently cup his balls. Her face was next to his ear and he heard her breath whisper,
"You like that?"
In response he nodded. She stood up and moved so that she was sitting on the bed on front of his face with her legs spread apart. When he raised his face he was greeted with the sight of her fingering her wet pussy.  Involuntarily he moved forward to taste her.
"No!" Her eyes flashed. "You may not touch me."
He was transfixed as he watched her fingers dipping into her wet snatch. Pussy juice coated her fingers and ran down her hands. There was a small pool of wetness on the bed where she was sitting. All Roger wanted to do was put his tongue on her and taste the sweet salt that he could smell. He moved so that he could stroke himself.
She wagged her finger at him, "Not yet young man." There was a flush on her cheeks. "I want you good and hungry for me."
They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. Roger transfixed at the sight of her fingers dipping in and out of her pussy. Every now and then she would slow her strokes and tease him further by opening her pussy with her fingers.
When she was ready she lay  back on the bed.
"Fuck me," she commanded him. "Fuck me hard. But you are not to come until I say so."
He kneeled in front of her and thrust himself into her steaming wet snatch. As she commanded he fucked her hard. She reached around and slapped his butt hard. He had to grit his teeth to stop himself from shooting cum into her pussy.
Her pussy was like a vice on his cock and he felt every movement of her hips. There was no mistake of her orgasm and then the words he had been waiting for,
"Put your come into me."
As she gave him one last spank, he groaned in pleasure as he emptied himself into her.

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