Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Each week Ruby Kiddell from Erotic Notebook hosts the "Wank Wednesday Festival of Smut" Erotica writers from all over the net contribute their stories around the central theme for the week.
This week the theme is 'default'

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Amanda sat in the office waiting for the bank manager. Nothing about her outward appearance gave a clue to her inward thoughts and feelings.  Her manicured hands were clasped lightly in her lap and one of her long shapely leg was crossed over the other.  The hem of her skirt sat just above her knee.

As he walked into the room Roger’s eyes travelled up her legs and rested on her white blouse. The thin fabric clung softly to her breasts. The neckline folded down around her cleavage giving a glimpse of smooth white skin and lace.  The glimpse was small but enough to whet his appetite.
She stood as he entered and they shook hands. For a brief second their eyes met.  Roger was surprised.  Usually people looked away after a second. Most people in Amanda’s position were afraid, if not of him personally, of what he could do to their lives. In this woman’s eyes he saw calm strength. She wasn’t afraid of him, she was in control of her life.
“So.” He was a little nonplussed at her stare. “You know the reason why you are here today.”
“Yes.” Her voice was melodious. “Your secretary has explained that quite well.” There was a small pause. “What she didn’t explain, however, is what my options are now.”
Amanda looked Roger in the eye as she spoke. He felt slightly like he was being chastised and he squirmed inwardly. It was a strange feeling. He frowned as he struggled to gain control of the conversation. To do his job properly he had to be to dominant one.
“With people like yourself, who default their payments there are not a lot of options.” He frowned at her. With most female customers there was usually tears and pleading at this point. Strangely neither of these seemed to be forthcoming.
“Unless you magically acquire a large sum of money within the next four weeks the bank will be forced to repossess your house.”
“I see.” Still she was calm, poised and totally in control. There was no sign of despair or panic. She looked at him steadily like a cat looking at a mouse; waiting to see where it will run next.
Roger was unsettled by her self control. He flicked through her file.  The front pages gave details of her occupation and income. Her occupation was listed as a Beauty Therapist. His eyes narrowed slightly as he recalled some of the rumours he had heard about this woman. He looked across the table at her. Those breasts seemed to beckon him. He desperately wanted to open her shirt and feast his eyes and his hands on those smooth round globes.
Calmly she looked back at him. He had the unnerving feeling that she knew what he was thinking and for some strange reason he felt apologetic. Suddenly he had an overwhelming urge to help this woman.
“Of course there could be some other arrangement made.” The statement hung in the air between them. Professionally Roger had just taken a huge risk. He wouldn’t normally do such a thing but it was as if she willed him to do it.
She smiled slightly and arched one eyebrow ever so slightly. “Of course.”
She stood up and collected her bag. From inside her bag she pulled out a business card and passed it across the desk to him.
“Call me anytime on that number.” She turned somewhat sharply and left without another word.
Roger watched her perfect ass walk down the corridor. How he wanted that body.

He knocked at the door of the four star hotel room. His heart was beating and his palms were sweating.  He still couldn’t believe that he was doing this. She answered the door. His eyes widened at the sight of her in her work clothes.
“Come in.” Her calm collected tone of a couple of days ago was gone. He was on her turf now and she was in charge.
“Sign this.” She passed him a disclaimer.
Without asking a single question he took the pen she offered him and leaned on the side table to sign the paper.
“You are a good boy.” She slipped a collar around his neck. “Come this way.” She jerked the lead and he fell to his knees. He found himself looking at a pair of black leather boots with stiletto heels. There was sting as she slapped him on the butt with her riding crop.
“I haven’t needed to train a new slave for a while.” She slapped him again. “You better appreciate the effort I am going to put into this arrangement.” And with that she shut the door.