Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doing the Neighbours

Jake and I have been watching the TV series 'Swingtown' lately.

Something that seems to come up in conversation from time to time with various people is the question,
"Would you have sex with a 'vanilla' friend?"

The idea of having a hot night of passion with neighbours or someone who lives around the corner or some friend is hot.  Another variation of this is going to a regular bar or club and picking up a couple or single person and taking them home. 

Recently Jake and I were visiting some relatives in another town. We took advantage of babysitting and slipped out for a nice coupley dinner at a local pub.  Along the way we fantasised about picking up another couple and having a very sexy night.

While we were having dinner we looked around the room and chatted about who would and who wouldn't be players of all the people in the room.  Of course we checked out all the hotties; male and female and had a pretty interesting conversation about who we thought would go off in bed. Sometimes I would give a million bucks to know what an innocent bystander would think of our conversations.

There weren't really any couples in the room that we thought we would go out on a limb for so we went home and entertained ourselves. The idea though has been added to a growing list of 'Things to do when the Opportunity Arises'. 

Just in case you were wondering my standard response to the question "Would you have sex with a vanilla friend?"
"None of my vanilla friends ring my bell AT ALL."

Which is kinda sad really.

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