Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dom and His Submissive

We met The Dom through Jake's work.  His is very open about his lifestyle with most people. We paid him the same compliment. At one point he did mention joining us for a little sharing. I like The Dom. He is funny, charming and a great person to have at a party. Do I want to have sex with him? Not really.

He is good entertainment value though. His insights into his lifestyle are funny, informative and non-threatening. A classic example is a story he told us about an encounter with a would-be thief. One night in a dark alley a young person came up to The Dom with a knife. It is obvious to the casual observer that our friend's diet and exercise regime are lacking somewhat. So the thief thought he had found an easy target. Something that is not obvious about The Dom is that he moonlights as a cutter, a person who uses a knife to cut into people as part of his 'play'.

So this kid waves a knife at this portly middle aged man expecting a wallet to be immediately forthcoming. The Dom, cool as a cucumber, takes out a flick knife and started making an incision in his own forearm. It was a a bit like that very famous moment in 'Crocodile Dundee' when Mick takes out his massive knife and says,
"That's not a knife. THIS is a knife!!"

Needless to say, The Dom still has his wallet.

Recently we had dinner with The Dom and he brought along his Sub. This is a woman with whom he has had an on again, off again relationship with for several years. Seeing them together is like watching Granny and Grandpa in many ways.  They dote on each other and share stories and memories together. However the both LIVE their lifestyle. She waits on him and speaks her mind as assertively as any other woman. When given permission.

When they go out it is her job to chat up the women he points out. Apparently she is able to charm a complete stranger in a regular bar to a night of kink. I am curios to see this in action. She is also in charge of any other 'subs' that might happen along. This is a job that she relishes and does fervently.

It is hard to explain how it was to see them together. To a close minded individual he is the epitome of a male chauvinist pig. A closer inspection with an open mind can peel back the layers. Whilst she serves him and is at his mercy in many ways, she is not without influence. If she wants something she gets her point across without tantrum or whining. Her hints are subtle but like a very good Dom he is attentive to his sub. Because he cares he responds.

One has to ask oneself how many other couples are that in tune with each other. How many other couples have that level of Trust between them?

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  1. Dear girl the word is submissive not sub. :)
    wanders off to dote on her Master some more

    (posted with permission of course)