Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Try This at Home

The other night I was chatting to a sexy guy who sneaks into our bedroom from time to time. This guy has had a sheltered life (so I thought). Of late, he says because of my influence, he has been starting to come out of his shell a little. In fact this straight forward uncluttered guy is becoming quite naughty.

It has been a real turn on to chat with him and learn about his fantasies and kinks.  What is an even bigger turn on has been to make plans to make some of these things happen for him.  It is one of my favourite things to do; listen to people's fantasies and kinks and then make some plans to make theme a reality.

So the conversation turned to the obvious topic. What things do you want to do? Usually the conversation gets a little slow when this question gets asked. His responses dwindle away to,

"Well I am open to anything. What sort of things do YOU want to do?"

This night though he rocked me a little when he shared this gem with me,

"Sometimes my partner ties my balls and cock up with a shoelace and then rides me."

Hmmmmm. I have met this guy's partner several times and she is a fantastic lady.  I did NOT expect that to come out of his mouth  but I have to say that I am now intrigued. Jake, for one reason or another doesn't use cock rings and I have never had the experience of being with a man who has. It wasn't something I really ever thought about but now all of a sudden I am curious.

To the point where I saw a photo the other day of a man with a small belt around his balls and thought 'That looks hot' not practical, but very, very sexy.

So now I want to do this thing with our friend.  He says it makes his dick bigger and harder.  That has to be a good thing.  It does freak me out though to think of tying a shoelace around a guys cock and balls.  Always I treat that area of a man with the utmost respect and fear of causing pain. I feel like I need a training course. 

It seems that in the course of exploring someone else's fantasies and desires I may be developing a few fantasies and desires of my own that I never considered.

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