Friday, May 6, 2011

Self Gratification

I remember discovering masturbation as a teenager.  After I felt that first orgasm I was hooked.  I even got to the point where I had to masturbate to get myself to sleep at night.  As a resident in a girls boarding school this proved interesting. I was convinced I was the only person in the universe who did this kind of thing. So after nights out I would be huddled under my doona fingering away frantically hoping desperately that no one would catch me out!!!

What makes all that funnier looking back now, as a much more knowledgeable adult, is thinking about how most of the other 10 girls in the room were probably all doing the same thing. If only we knew. These days I am much more sophisticated.

As a young adult masturbation seemed to take a back seat to actual sex. I knew about vibrators and have owned several over my life but it wasn't until recently I really became a user. My current toy is a good thick penis shaped item. It isn't the most expensive flesh stimulating variety that you read about in lesbian sex advice columns but it works for ME. In fact when it gives up the ghost (as I know it will) I will be very sad.

Jake of course has watched me masturbate using 'Big Red', but the other night for the first time in a long time I decided it would be good to actually 'Put on a Show' for him. My plan was to use masturbation as a main course rather than sneaky, greedy seconds. He was impressed. He found that lying between my legs watching me stroke and fondle myself incredibly hot.  I found having such an attentive watcher who was compelled to stroke himself incredibly hot. The whole experience was a massive turn on for both of us and sex became the sneaky greedy seconds.

I have long enjoyed watching a guy wanking himself. Now I have to say I am becoming a big fan of watching him watching me.  

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