Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was asked by a very straight laced friend once,
"What is this sexting thing?"

My response was to just look at her.  I just didn't know exactly how to explain the concept of sexy texts to someone like that.  In addition when you take it out of context sexting can seem a little pointless. Which was my friend's next question,
"I mean what is the point really? It's not like you can put anything really sexy on there is it?"

Well, not sure how to answer that one. Sometimes the things you type in a sext are very tame.

"You have a really hot ass"

This isn't something that gets you going when you read it in a blog like this. But I am sure if someone YOU thought had a hot ass texted it to YOU when you were in the supermarket, the effect would be very different.

Jake gets very caught up in his work. Texting him during the day is very hit and miss.  He will often ignore his messages and so "I'm really horny honey" usually goes without a reply. Having a phone that can send and receive pictures though does seem to work a little better. One day in addition to "I'm really horny honey" I sent him this....

I think at the time he was in a meeting with a supplier.  He did get back to me though.  The thought of him taking that image into his meeting and then having to concentrate appealed to my sense of humor and added to the horniness.

I do love to sext with people we are setting up dates with or people who are regular playmates.  Sometimes imagining what might happen when you do end up in the same bed together makes the whole thing even hotter when it does happen.  There is something about texting and also MSN etc.  Even though you are talking to a person who you know and will see sometime you lose the inhibitions that you normally have in face to face conversation.  You can say things you wouldn't normally. It adds to the fantasy.

A rather horny example of this was a great sext  from Mr Fix It the other day.  I was elbow deep in washing up water at the school canteen where I volunteer. In between sandwiches, people with lost lunches etc he tells me about his erotic dream from the night before.  There was being tied up, spanking and a whole lot of fucking.  It was hard to keep a straight face.  When I get hold of him again the fireworks will happen.

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