Monday, June 6, 2011

Bite The Apple is Here!

 I am pleased to announce that Gemma Jones has published a collection of short stories entitled "Bite The Apple" This title is currently available in e-book format through Smashwords and Kindle.
What is your favourite fantasy? What is the thing that makes your stomach twist and your groin throb when it slips into your mind? Is it something so out there that you can never imagine it happening to you.
When Jake and I started on the swinging journey together people kept asking us, "So what sort of things are you into?"

We had absolutely NO idea. In our inexperience we would mumble, "Oh you know, oral, fifty positions that kind of thing."

If someone had told me that I would develop a liking for having two guys at once or that I would really enjoy watching two men fondle each other I think I would have laughed in their face. Jake is fond of reminding me of a conversation I had with a girl I worked with in our pre-swinging days.  She was telling me about someone we both worked with who organized gang-bangs for his wife. 

Of course my very vanilla friend thought this was the most disgusting thing ever. At the time (in my embarrassing ignorance) I agreed with her. These days being the centre of a gang bang is somewhere in the upper half of my 'to do list'

I started writing erotic stories because we were having so many "Did that REALLY happen" moments that I wanted to record them.  Then I started meeting people who would tell me about things they had seen and done or wanted to see and do. The more I wrote and thought about possible scenarios the more involved my ideas seemed to get.

"Bite The Apple" is a collection of stories about people living out their secret fantasies. The characters live their fantasies for really real instead of playing them through their minds like a porn movie.  Some of the scenarios are not something I had thought of doing for myself, but writing all of them made me horny.

I like to think that all of the things in this book are possible with the right people at the right time and in the right place. When the pop sex experts say that sexual fantasies need to remain fantasies they are WRONG. Be tempted, take a bite...

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