Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Things You Learn

Welcome to this week's Wank Wednesday. The prompt for this week is 'conference'. I hope you enjoy my version.  You can read contributions from other authors by visiting Erotic Notebook.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

"So tonight girls, I wanted to share with you some of what I learned at the conference I went to this week."
There was a rustle of excitement as we gathered around Nikki. The promo for 'Ladies Night' at our local swing club had advertised orgasm lessons. All of us had come to learn and perhaps to practise some of what we learned.
Nikki ran the club with her husband Bruce and put on these nights from time to time. No men were allowed on the premises, not even staff. Any conference a woman like Nikki attended was bound to be extremely interesting.
"So anyway," she continued airily. "I was asked to be the model for this guy who was doing a presentation on female orgasms."
The twenty or so women in the room, me included, were impressed. That someone actually organised a conference like this was a revelation. That we actually knew an 'orgasm model' was impressive and titillating at the same time. Nikki sat on the edge of the stage with her legs apart and her skirt hitched up. She had casually discarded her tiny G string and her pussy was now fully on display for all of us to examine as closely as we wished.
She explained to us different areas of a pussy and different ways to stimulate each area, showing us with her own fingers and body. We were all mesmerised; some by the information we were being given, some by watching Nikki's fingers playing over her vagina.
Surreptitiously I looked around the room, checking out the other women. There were a few others doing the same. In their eyes I could see the smouldering beginning of desire. The heat between my own legs made me press my knees together. I felt an urge to mimic what I was watching on the stage; to spread my legs and masturbate myself while the other women in the room looked on.
Beside me a nubile, dark haired girl watched intently as Nikki inserted her finger into her vagina.
"You feel around for the 'walnut', the little rough patch of skin." Her eyes closed for a moment as she gave in to her pleasure. I looked down as my neighbour placed her hand softly on my knee. Our eyes met; in response I edged a little closer and stroked the inside of her arm.
"Then you rub from side to side," Nikki's voice was a little breathless now as her fingers worked inside her. After a few moments she panted out,
"I can't talk anymore." Her legs fell further apart as her the speed of her fingers increased even more. She moaned softly as her body writhed with her orgasm. A jet of clear fluid washed over her hand and formed a puddle on the floor.   
My new friend's hand found its hesitant way up the inside of my thigh as our bodies bent further together. My pussy felt as if it were on fire after watching Nikki pleasure herself like that. I turned to my neighbour deliberately running the back of my fingers up the side of her ribs. A shiver went through her as she turned to me,
"I think perhaps we should find somewhere a little more comfortable."
Without a word I stood up and held my hand out to her.  She unfolded herself from the couch and together we found our way to a bed in one of the play areas.
"My name is Nina," her voice was like her, chocolatey and smooth. As she removed her top I bent down to taste her dark full nipples.
"Nice to meet you Nina's nipple," I murmured against her enjoying the feel of her nipple hardening against my lips. "My name is Melanie."
Nina pushed me gently down onto the bed, smiling seductively she kneeled between my knees. Her fingers trailed up my thighs and gently opened the lips of my pussy.
"So beautiful," her voice was so soft I had to strain to hear it. "Like a flower." Her finger slipped inside me stroking gently.
"Mmmm there it is." She pressed against the front of my vagina. I gasped at the sensation that shot through me.
"Yesss," Nina began working her finger side to side the way Nikki had downstairs. "That is the spot isn't it honey."
I nodded as I moaned out a yes. In response she increased the pressure. Warm pleasure radiated out of my groin over my belly.  The pressure inside me was building quickly now. Nina leaned down and touched my swollen clit with the tip of her tongue.
"Beautiful," she whispered to me. "Let it go honey. I want to taste you." She leaned down and teased the entrance of my pussy with her tongue. The feeling washed over me and I felt liquid jetting out of me over her face and down her hand. Greedily she lapped it up.
"You have the sweetest cum," her face was next to mine as she lay beside me on the bed. We kissed deeply. I probed my tongue into her mouth, tasting myself there. As we embraced I pressed my hand between her legs feeling her warmth and wetness.
I pressed her down on the bed and slid off the edge so that I could move between her legs. Before me her pink flower of a pussy opened between her dark chocolate thighs,
"My turn now," I smiled as I slipped my finger into her.


  1. This is the type of conference I want to go too!


  2. Yum me too my conferences are always talk about legislation and accounting standards!

  3. What is really titillating is that the first little part of this story did actually happen to me!!
    So anything is possible if you are in the right place at the right time.