Monday, June 27, 2011

Toys! I Love Toys!

Under my bed I have an aluminium case, (lockable of course!) that contains toys for adults.  Jake and I take it with us a lot of the time when we go visiting special people. It is often a great conversation starter as people are very curious about "What is in the box?"
The contents of the box vary from time to time and include things like feathers, candles, massage oil (NOTE: Always make sure the lid of your oil bottle is well sealed. Feathers and oil do not like each other very much!!), the mandatory vibrator and other boring things like condoms and lube.
Of late I have been hankering to spice the box up a bit. Often when Ms Springfield and I get together I find myself wishing for a strap on. So I poked around the net and discovered a great website; (No I am not getting paid to mention them but if they want to shoot me a freebie I would be happy to test it out for them and provide a glowing description for all of you guys.)
I discovered the concept of the 'Strapless Strap On' and was intrigued enough to click the 'Buy Now' button and 15 cm of pink silicone with an insertable vibrating  bullet was on its way to me in a discreet express post bag.  Unfortunately next day delivery doesn't apply when you order at 11pm on Thursday night so delivery happened on Monday.
Even though I didn't actually purchase it for him Jake was fascinated by the new purchase and so we got it out for a spin. It feels great to have inserted, the shape hits all the right spots but not so good for girl on guy usage mainly because it is a little short. Or maybe because I am not a guy and the whole legs together thrusting thing just felt a little awkward.  I now have a whole new view of life as a guy though.
Ms Springfield paid us a visit a few days later and yes the new toy made an appearance. Both of us had smiles afterwards and of course Jake was there to witness it.  It felt as good as I thought it would, fucking her like that and she enjoyed it herself. Neither of us minded at all Jake stroking himself while watching.  The sight of a guy wanking is just so hot. Really.  The feel of a woman wound around you is just as hot. I am a very lucky lady.

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