Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trust Part 2

Part 2 of Trust......

"Do you trust me?" his voice seemed to come to her from far away.

"Yes," her answer was almost a whisper.

"Take off your dress."

Without a word she slipped the straps of her shift off her shoulders. Her shoulders shrugged and the fabric slid over her body to land in a pool at her feet. The wind brushed past her skin and pulled at her hair. A weird combination of vulnerability and arousal washed through her as her nipples hardened even more and a trickle of wetness formed between her legs. Far away there was the pounding sound of the surf.

"Turn to face me," his voice interrupted his thoughts.

She turned to the point where his voice was. All of her senses were tuned to him, she craved the feel of his hands and the smell of his hair; her ears were straining to hear his voice. It felt as if all of her was bending towards him. Instead she was surrounded by wind, darkness and the booming of the waves.
"Take a step towards me."

It was all she could do to stop herself from running into his arms. She started walking.

"Just one step!" his voice barked at her.

A sense of loss and desperation for his touch washed through her. At the same time she felt no fear. She trusted this man completely. Then, as if to reward her for completing her task, her wish was granted. He was beside her. For a moment all she thought about was the smell and feel of him but then she realised his arms were around her unwrapping the blindfold.

The silk of the blindfold fell beside her dress. For a few moments she stood blinking, adjusting to where she was. Her head turned as she took in her surroundings. As she turned she realised with a shock where she had been standing and where the sound of waves crashing had been coming from.

Gingerly she inched back to where she had been standing. She peered over the edge of the cliff. Far below her waves crashed against rocks and a very fine mist of sea spray rose up to cover her face. The rush from realising what she had done coursed through her. A warm feeling spread over her whole body. Then he was beside her, covering her breasts with his hands, kissing her deeply.

Waves of desire coursed through her body, warm wetness formed in her pussy and she groped at his jeans feeling his cock straining for her. They stayed that way for long moments, kissing and fondling each other on the edge of the cliff. His fingers pressed inside her and she stroked his throbbing erection. The wind whipped away their moans of passion.

When she felt she couldn't stand it any more he lifted her and carried her back to the car. He placed her on the bonnet spreading her legs wide apart and thrust into her. Cries of passion filled the air as each of them gave in completely to the other.

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