Friday, June 24, 2011

Trust - Part 3

"Do you trust me?" They were preparing for a dinner out with some of his business contacts. She was nervous and jittery. This was the first time she had met these people; they were like him corporate accountants and business managers. Men used to having power and dealing with huge sums of money.
"Why should I trust you?" she bowed her head unsure of how he would react to her question. "I have only known you for a little while. You have shown me a lot of things."  There was a pause; he looked at her attentively with no show of emotion. Encouraged by his quietness she went on,
"You have hurt and shamed me, and taught me both the pains and pleasures of being punished. I respect you and I am starting to love you, but," Again she paused gathering her thoughts. Still he had not moved or said a word, or given any sign of his feelings.
"No I do not trust you fully. You have not earned that yet." The last statement was said with strength and conviction. Inside he leapt for joy. This was the strength that he had seen in her from the start; the thing that attracted him to her more than anything else.
She was a beautiful woman, slender with pale skin, brilliant green eyes and dark auburn hair. Naked she was a sight to behold; her hair flowed wild and free down her back ending just above a perfect heart shaped butt. Always his hand itched when he saw that butt it was so spankable. When she was bent over his knee the feel of her flesh under his palm, the sound his hand made when it slapped her drove him wild.
Unlike a lot of women she didn't cry and scream when she was being spanked. He admired her strength but he knew it also meant that she hadn't yielded to him fully, not yet. Even bent over his knee like a child there was a part of her that she kept from him.   
Sometimes when he watched her putting on her makeup over the bathroom sink he was compelled to take her butt cheeks in both of his hands and grip them firmly as he plunged his cock deep into her. There was never a time when he didn't want her.
None of these thoughts or emotions showed in his face and manner right now. It was not the time or place.
"I see," after he spoke he pressed his lips together and looked at the outfit she had laid out on the bed for his approval; a demure black dress with buttons down the front and a pleated knee length skirt. Beside it her underwear was also laid out; matching black briefs and bra with a minimum of lace. She was standing beside the bed, freshly showered. Her skin glowed from the heat of the water, her hair was damp and clinging slightly to her face as she waited for his instruction.
He went to the closet and pulled out a coat and laid it out on the bed. She frowned in confusion.
"You can wear this tonight."
"OK." She reached for the panties.
"No," his voice was firm but gentle. "Just the coat. Nothing else."
She resisted the urge to raise her eyebrows at him. Once she had done that when he had given her something unusual to wear. His reaction had been swift and merciless. When the spanking was over he had stood her up, dressed her in the clothes he had chosen and drove her to the theatre as planned.
They had been late and missed most of the first act. It was uncomfortable for her to sit even on the padded chair. Halfway through the show he had started to stroke her thighs and between her legs. He teased her like that through the show, during coffee afterwards and on the way home. Only when they were home and in their bed did he allow her release.
When she remembered that night a tingle went through her. For a millisecond she considered being a little belligerent with him now but she knew that being on time was very important. The punishment would have to be delayed and would be all the more severe. She was afraid that part of the punishment would also be denial of the release she would crave after a spanking.
Quietly without a word she slipped the coat over her arms and buttoned it over her bare breasts. The satin lining was cool against her skin and her nipples hardened in response. Feeling more vulnerable than ever, she tied the belt firmly around her waist.
"You will always be safe when I am with you," he spoke softly as he stroked her hair tucking a stray strand behind her ear.
The smell of him so close to her set all her senses on edge. The satin lining of the coat stroked her skin arousing her even more. Now she wanted to bend over the bed with her legs splayed wide begging him to take her. Never could she get enough of him.

They arrived on time pulling up in front of the building where the valet was waiting to open the door for her. Conscious of her nakedness under the coat she stepped carefully from the car and placed her hand on her gentleman's arm. Together they walked up the staircase like all the other couples.
She was terrified of the moment when the concierge would ask to take her coat as they entered the restaurant. What would she say? Surely Sir didn't expect her to walk naked into a crowded restaurant. A waiter in a suit approached them,
"Good evening sir," he bowed politely. "Some of your party is here, in the bar. Shall I seat you all now?"
"Yes thank you." Sir smiled warmly at the waiter who then turned to Jen.
"Good evening Madame," he bowed slightly to her. "I hope you enjoy your evening with us." The waiter turned and led them to the table in the corner. As they walked through the restaurant Sir stopped to greet people he knew. Jen smiled and was gracious enjoying the attention of the people but inside she was terrified that the coat would slip and she would be exposed.

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