Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are you Bi?

Sitting in the spa with a few naked people, (as you do) we had a discussion about the definition of bisexual. Before we go any further, this post is not a contribution to the endless discussion about this definition just a tale of what happened to me.

Every swinging or dating website has a little box that you have to fill in stating your sexuality. Most swinging websites have an option of bi-curious or experimental as well as definitely bi sexual.  These definitions apply to men and women but this post is mainly about women. 

So back to the spa, did I mention we were naked?  Now I have your attention again. As we all sat around exploring the various feet and hands under the water with other parts of our bodies the girls shared their take on bisexuality. 

Mrs A (whose husband was quite delicious I might add) had this comment to share.
"I used to be bi-curious but now I have tried it so I am not curious anymore." A sentiment that I share totally.  She then went on to explain that while she appreciated a woman's attention if there was penis to be had it was much more preferable.

Something which we all agreed on was that when and if we choose to play with another woman it is most definitely NOT for the viewing pleasure of any males who happen to be around at the time. We had all experienced situations when girl-girl action was a warm up for the main game. This is not a bad thing in itself, but what we all agreed is that unless the other girl was truly interested in other girls then it was kind of like doing live porn. For all of us that is not something we are interested in.

When we started out swinging I was bi-curious. I have had one or two really nice experiences with other women and one or two 'show pony' experiences.  As I have progressed along my journey I have become partial to the softness and response of the right woman to my touch and my tongue. 

I don't have this feeling with every woman I meet and there are some nights when the penis is much more attractive for me. But there are nights when the most satisfying and erotic thing is to be snuggle with a woman, twined together kissing and petting. The feeling of soft lips against mine, and exploring beautiful shapely breasts is incomparable. As is the feeling of a pussy when she climaxes.

This is something that doesn't happen very often but when it does it makes for a very memorable night.  It is never planned, and finding a woman that I connect with in that way is always unexpected and very special. So after we vacated the spa and I had enjoyed the attentions of Mr A I found myself exploring Mrs B in that special way.  Mrs A entertained Mr A, Mr B and Jake in the spa but Mrs B and I found ourselves exploring each other and marvelling at the unexpected connection between us.

I guess I need to change that check box from 'bi-curious' to 'bisexual'.

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