Sunday, July 31, 2011

How Old is Too Old?

A certain acquaintance of mine asked me recently

"How old are people when theystop swinging?"

I had to admit that I didn't really know. I know there are members of websites like RedHotPie who list their age as greater than 60. (Please don't think that I am inferring that 60 is old!)

Thinking about this kind of thing is interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly the part of me who still thinks I am a teenager really doesn't want to think about wrinkly people having sex. Funnily enough my friend who asked me the original question does fit the teenage definition of old. I am older than 30 so technically so do I. He expressed his reason for asking his original question this way.

"We aren't interested in any firm, smooth, young things like you. We want some old wrinkly people."

Err thank you ....... I think

The other side of that coin is the reality that neither Jake nor I are teenagers any more. Jake is past the magic 40 barrier and I am busy planning my 40th birthday.

For some reason 40 seems to be a barrier for many people. Even people who are at or close to 40 won't consider playing with someone over 40. There are many people who lie about their age on their dating profile for this very reason,

So we are forced to come to terms with our mortality. The reality is that right now we enjoy our lifestyle to the fullest and we try not to think too much about wrinkly sex.  However the day is coming when we will be wrinkly.  When that happens will the wrinkly people look different to us? When we are 78 and living in the nursing home will we think the 65 year old in the next bed is a major hottie?

Jake expresses his ideas this way;
"As you get older you don't see people differently. You will still think a 20 year old is smooth and very visually attractive. But sexually, being visually attractive isn't enough. You need the personality, experience and maturity that you find in the wrinkly people to give you satisfaction."

I guess I will find out the truth as we get older.  One of my ambitions is to be a grandparent who can not only bake a great chocolate cake but who can tell scandalous stories that my grandchildren love and their parents find very embarrassing. I look forward to scandalising my children by being the one who organises all the nude skinny dipping parties in the retirement village.

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