Sunday, July 24, 2011

Please Excuse Gemma From Functioning

Dear World

Please excuse Gemma from functioning as part of the normal human race today. She will have difficulty in focusing on conversation and completing tasks that require memory or organisation.

She and Jake spent their Saturday night in the company of another sexy couple. 

Being a talented girl Gemma treated her guest to some oral sex and a good riding. The result was some intense orgasms on his part.

Her reward was some incredible oral sex which caused her to ejaculate several times. When she felt she couldn't stand it anymore her guest treated her to a good fucking.

Due to the time which she got to bed and the fact she lost a reasonable amount of fluid, we are expecting that Gemma won't be fully functioning today. She will be vague and probably have a headache. In addition she will be extremely horny and will likely need several breaks today to fuck her husband. 

We expect that this condition will last for several days but Gemma should be fully functioning by Thursday this week. 

We are not sure what her plans for next weekend are yet. We will keep you posted.

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