Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fucket List

In my travels, this weekend just gone, I came across a gentleman who introduced me to a great term that I think I will incorporate into my every day language;  The Fucket List.

I don't think that the term needs a whole lot of explaining really but I was curious about this gentleman's BUCKET list just to be sure.  He responded.,

"Oh that has things like climbing Ayre's Rock on it. The Fucket List is different."

Sometimes you just have to check. 

The concept of a Fucket List is not new to me.  Jake and I talk about a few 'to dos' or wishes from time to time. Now we have a much more catchy name than 'The Wish List'. I did ask the gentleman in question what he did actually have ON his list.  Like a lot of people he was a little guarded about this topic but his initial answer was,

"To come here."

We met him at a swinger's club with his newish girlfriend so that was pretty cool. I am sure there are much more adventurous things on his list but he wasn't sharing them with us at that point in time.

Jake struggles a little with his list. Mainly because he has ticked all the things he HAD on the list off. From time to time things come along and he puts them on the list but invariably he ends up ticking them off not long after they appear.

When I started on this journey I didn't really have a list.  I was naive and inexperienced. (Stop smirking all you people I really was!!). I didn't have a true sense of it then but I realised as I went along that I really had no idea at that point in my life how much there was out there that I could have. 

Now I know and like a kid in a lolly shop I am confused by the endless possibilities. My list changes from week to week depending on my mood and what I have been reading about. I think I need a few different lists to pick from so that I always have one to match my mood.

There are also a few things that turn out to be so good that I don't want to tick them off.  I want to do them again and again. Does that make them Fucket list items or do I have to have a whole different list for that?

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  1. Love both the concept and the name. Living the sheltered life I am, my Fucket list is huge, but that said, I'm sure if my eyes were opened to the sexual life it would double or triple or grow even more in length.