Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake.

Sometimes the best nights are not about hot, sweaty pounding sex. Not that those kinds of nights are not good but sometimes slowing the pace down just a little can be just as sexy. Just last week was Jake's birthday. Of course it had to be celebrated in style. I have a bit of a reputation for getting excited when planning presents and surprises and spilling the beans. This time I managed to keep the whole thing under wraps really well.  To the point that Jake didn't think he was going to get a birthday present at all!!!  Feeling very smug with myself I quietly organised for Ms Springfield and Miss Sunshine to come for a visit.

After giving him a lap dance which finished with placing a blindfold on him and tying his wrists together I lead him to our bed. Because he was blindfolded I wanted to make sure his other senses were teased well.  I made use of many things, lips, hair, fingers, feathers. I was joined in my caresses by Ms Springfield and Little Miss Sunshine. 

It was very entertaining watching him be pleasured by all of us and highly erotic watching the effect of all those hands, lips, tongues, feathers and the occasional drip of wax. Eventually we sat astride him.  It was erotic for all of us to watch each other with him and I enjoyed just laying beside him watching Miss Sunshine ride him and Ms Springfield sit on his face.

All in all I think Jake enjoyed his special night with the three of us.  We are certainly very lucky to know such special sexy women. The three of us are real women with real curves. Many people envy Hugh Hefner but I would much rather the three of us with our flaws and more mature sexiness.

Jake couldn't stop smiling for days afterwards.  I am glad he enjoyed his surprise.

Happy birthday Jake.

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