Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trust Part 4

The story of Jen and Sir continues from Trust Part 3 ..... 

The waiter gestured to a booth in the back corner of the crowded room. Jen slid in behind the table finding herself next to a tall man who was impeccably dressed. He was slightly older and impeccably groomed. His clothing fitted him perfectly as if it were made for him and every detail was correct from his neat hair through his perfectly arranged tie to the subtle gold cufflinks at his wrists.
"Hello there," he greeted her kindly. "It is so nice of Malcolm to bring you here tonight."
Jen nodded her eyes downcast, she was a little unsure of what to say.  The man's voice was kind and very educated. Power radiated out of him but he seemed unconscious of it.
"It breaks things up to have someone pretty like you to talk to." He stroked her hair.
"Thank you," Jen replied softly looking sideways at Sir. He sat next to her chatting to another suit across the table. His hand rested casually on her thigh but other than that he seemed completely oblivious to her.  She was uncertain of what he expected from her tonight. This man seemed to be more than a little friendly.
Before she met Sir she would have played up to him, flirting and chatting but that was when she was unattached. Now she belonged to someone else. This man was attractive yes, and she could see that spending time with him would be very pleasurable but the man she craved was sitting on the other side of her.
She looked around the table at the other guests. There was only two other women in the party. They were like her in some ways; younger than their partners, healthy and beautiful. But unlike her they were dressed in expensive clothes with jewellery and accessories that would have cost more than Jen earned in a month.
"Where did you two meet?" Her neighbour's voice penetrated her thoughts.
Jen smiled remembering the first few days she had known him, "I was a temp at his office."
"Ohhhh the tempting temp," her neighbour ducked his head slightly so he could look into her eyes. Jen laughed at his joke. Something about him put her at ease. She allowed herself to look up at him taking in the features of his face. His eyes were the most compelling blue she had ever seen. They drew her in almost hypnotically. She found herself leaning towards him slightly. 
Without her realising the coat had slipped ever so slightly revealing a glimpse of a milky white breast nestling in the dark satin lining of the coat. The blue of his eyes deepened as he glanced downwards, taking in the swell of her breast. A momentary hush feel around the room. Jen felt as if every person in the restaurant could see her entire breast. She felt her heart pounding as she looked into his deep blue eyes.
She reached to adjust her coat to cover her breast again. Her neighbour put his hand on her arm,
"Don't," his whisper was firm even though his face was still friendly.
Jen hesitated. She turned her head to look at Sir sitting beside her. With a gasp she realised that he was watching her. It was impossible to decipher the look on his face. His hand still rested on her thigh but now she felt his torso leaning towards her and with his other hand he traced the neckline of her coat, his fingers brushed faintly against her skin. Instantly she felt her nipple harden inside the coat. Looking at his friend sitting beside her Sir whispered in her ear,
"Remember I will always keep you safe."
He leaned further over her and shook hands with her neighbour,
"Keith! It is good to see you."
With a friendly, easy smile Keith grasped Malcolm's hand firmly, "Where have you been keeping this one? It is not good to keep such a beautiful lady hidden away."
Sir moved his hand from Jen's thigh to encircle her waist. A thrill went through as she absorbed his closeness.
"Keith this is Jen," he gestured to Jen. "Jen, meet Keith."
Jen raised her hand and Keith grasped it warmly, "I am very pleased to make your acquaintance." He looked her straight in the eye, "A very nice name. Is it short for Jennifer?"
She returned his gaze evenly. "Yes it is," she answered. "But only my mother calls me that." Her face and eyes lit up as she smiled at him. Without thinking she leaned forward a little further and rewarded him with a bigger glimpse of her cleavage. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed another man across the table looking at her.
Flirty Jen made an appearance now. Having Sir sitting beside her and her new friend Keith, Jen felt more confident. She gave her admirer a sly smile but he didn't respond. Jen didn't let it bother her too much. She turned her attention back to Keith and they chatted easily.
A waiter appeared and took their orders. Dinner arrived soon after. The food was exquisite. Jen felt a little out of place eating amongst such well-heeled people. Up until now whenever she had dined with Sir the setting was more intimate. Often he fed her he meals, tenderly and caringly. He almost always chose their food and drink. She was learning to appreciate expensive wine through his tutelage.
Tonight she was left largely to her own devices. At all times she was aware of his presence but it seemed that, apart from introducing her to Keith, he didn't even notice her.  The only signal that she had from him was his hand on her thigh. From time to time the hand was removed as he ate or gestured to emphasise something he was talking about but it always returned.
Towards the end of the main course Jen felt the hand slipping her coat aside and fingers idly caressing her bare thigh. She slid a sideways glance at Sir but he paid her no mind, chatting to his friend across the table as if she wasn't there. Jen wriggled a little in her seat worrying about her coat falling open and exposing her nudity.
The fingers under the table pinched her thigh. The sting of pain made her jump but she knew enough to know what it meant. He hated fidgeting. Jen took a deep breath and composed herself. She focussed on the meal on her plate.
The fingers continued with their exploration. The soft touch was making her skin tingle. A trickle of wetness formed between her legs.  She fought the urge to let her legs fall apart in the hope that the fingers would be enticed higher. Instead she sat still, acting as if nothing was happening.
She finished her meal and the waiter removed her plate. He returned to fill her wine glass again. Across the table the man from earlier continued to study her. One of the expensively dressed women snuggled up to him and whispered in his ear.  He smiled in response without taking his eyes off Jen.
As the waiter appeared with dessert Jen felt another hand on her opposite thigh. Outwardly she smiled graciously as her plate was set before her. Inwardly her thoughts whirled through her head. This hand was not teasing and gentle. The fingers probed down at the gap at the top of her thighs. Jen held her legs closed together as the fingers delved deeper into her private spaces.
Above the table the conversation carried on as if nothing was happening. Laughter filled the air and the two society pets across the table pushed their desserts away from them almost untouched. The unknown hand pressed Jen's legs apart slightly.
A finger found its way into the cleft of her pussy and began teasing at the knob of her pleasure there. It was almost impossible for Jen to keep her legs together now. Her cunt was running wet and it was all she could do to stop herself from gasping in response to the strokes.
She ate her mousse slowly focussing all of her attention on the smooth chocolate flavour. With each mouthful she licked the spoon clean. Across the table her admirer didn't take his eyes off her for a second. As a distraction from the teasing under the table she looked him straight in the eye with every spoonful.
He ate in the same way as her, spooning his dessert slowly and deliberately into his mouth. The society pets chatted amongst themselves about handbags and shopping. They seemed oblivious to everything. On either side of her Keith and Sir discussed share prices and tax strategies. It was as if she were in a bubble.
Without her realising her legs had parted slightly and the strange fingers had made their way inside her. They stroked against her tantalising and teasing. Her muscles clenched around the fingers.
Then, when the intensity was becoming almost unbearable the fingers disappeared. She felt a stab of disappointment and loss. There was heat in her cheeks and she broke eye contact with the man across the table as she ducked her head while she brought her face and breathing under control. 
The waiter removed her empty plate and began serving coffees. Sir requested the cheque. Jen sensed a subtle change in the mood around the table. She was edgy now. The attention from the hands under the table and her small movements during the night had loosened the coat. She felt as if the coat would slip fully open and expose her if she made the tiniest wrong movement.
Longingly she thought of the black panties and bra back at Sir's apartment. Once she would never have dreamed of walking around in public in her underwear. Right now it was as if the whole room could see her completely nude. She would have gladly walked out of the restaurant in her bra and panties if it meant she could get rid of this coat.
Without her realising people had started to leave. Sir stood and shook hands with each of his friends as they departed. The man from across the table took one last penetrating look at her before sauntering away with his two girls, one on each arm.
Now all that remained here were, Keith, herself and of course Sir. This was a moment she was dreading, standing up. Hopefully she could manage to be dignified and not expose herself. Sir extended his hand out to her, she hesitated for a moment before sliding along to the end of the booth.
Somehow she managed to stand without losing her garment. Keith smiled warmly as she surreptitiously straightened her coat.
"It was a pleasure to meet you Jen," he embraced her. Jen inhaled the scent of his aftershave and felt her juices flowing in response to him.
"I enjoyed chatting with you as well," she smiled sweetly at him. "I hope we meet again sometime."
"I am sure that we will."
Jen noticed an odd look in his eye before Sir steered her away out the restaurant. Once in the foyer he put his arm around her as they walked towards the door.
"So what did you think of my friends?" He seemed a little expansive and indulgent.
"They were nice," Jen smiled thinking of Keith's blue eyes looking at her. Without thinking she snuggled against him.
For a moment he relaxed his normally formal demeanour and held her against him. Jen closed her eyes and savoured him holding her. After the fingering during dinner all her senses were on alert. Every tiny caress, every scent set her nerves jangling. She had been with Sir for long enough now to know that he was very different from every other man she had known.
There would be more to this evening than just going home to great sex.

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