Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Hello out there in blog world. With the last couple of weeks and the 100 words of Smut a day. I have been a bit slack with 'real' posting or the 'real' adventures of Jake and Gemma.  I apologise for that. I hope that this post makes up for it.

Life has been a little interesting over the last few weeks.I do wish that women would fall out of the sky into Jake's lap the way men seem to do to me though. A couple of weeks ago I went with Jake to a presentation dinner for a product award that Jake was receiving. My attendance was VERY last minute and I found myself wearing a dress I had packed for a sexy night out for two (long story attached to that!). So I walk into the function room full of suits and a VERY small number of women suitably dressed and worried about my too short, see through dress.

I found myself seated next to someone who looked OK (a plus) and prepared myself for a long evening of industry conversation. I know a little about the industry but not enough to hold or be interested in a long conversation. At least the wine was free.

As the evening progressed my next door neighbour exchanged pleasantries and he filled my glass whenever he filled his own. We got to the 'so what do you do?' part of the conversation. On a whim I informed him I wrote 'romance stories' the adult kind. I got a quizzical look and (I swear the wine made me to this) I said "OK I write smut". So of course all industry talk flew out the window. In a subtle way he discerned that my scribbles are based on actual experiences and first hand accounts rather than fantasies.

It turns out the guy in question has dabbled in the lifestyle when he was married and would love to find a woman 'in touch with her naughty side' so the rest of the night was spent flirting. He definitely appreciated the dress and the shoes I was wearing. I am not sure he noticed the lack of underwear but if he did I hope he appreciated that as well.  For a couple of reasons we didn't consummate our attraction, although he did ask. I had made a promise to Jake and so regretfully declined.

Sadly he lives on the other side of the country (an expensive six hour flight!!) and so the last couple of weeks has been full of hot texts, racy emails and fantasies of being fucked by Jake while I suck his cock. There is something so fucking horny about being covered and filled in all directions by men. I am still amazed by the fact that an evening that looked like it was going to be deathly dull turned out to be so fun. It just goes to show you never can tell who you will meet.

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