Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some nice Comments

For those not in the know I have recently put out a little book.

It is available on both Smashwords and Kindle. If you like reading about intelligent confident women who are up for a little adventure on a Friday night you will definitely like Alice. If you like men who know how to please then you will like Steve and his friend Jason. If you have ever wondered about what your boyfriend's flatmate thinks when you come over this could be the story for you.

Recently a fellow Twitterer @kinkygent reviewed my little book and here is what he had to say;

Rock Her World is the story of 23 year old Alice, a young doctors receptionist who is sexually confidant and keen to explore new opportunities. With her friends Tania and Helen she enjoys hanging out at Hanks and isn't afraid to explore the sexual options that come along.

Here she meets Steve and they waste no time in getting to know each other intimately first in his car and then back at his place hardly able to keep their hands off each other as they explore all the possibilities their bodies can offer.

When Alice wakes Steve is gone but with the promise of getting together the next week. The week is long but Friday eventually comes around and not much time is spent at the club before they are back at Steves again for another steamy session but this time their is an added complication Steve's flat mate who also presses his attentions onto Alice.

Will Alice embrace both men, will she regret something she said or will she continue to explore every opportunity and take her sexual education to the next level.

Gemma Jones' story of young Alice's sexual adventure is fast paced but well told and keeps the reader going throughout whilst the detailed telling of Alice's experiances is both highly erotic and very real, making the reader wish they were either Alice or Steve and part of the adventure.

I'd like to thank Kinky for his very kind words and feedback and also for his awesome blog which I find highly erotic. You can check it out here

Now go and buy my book. You know you want to...........

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