Friday, December 16, 2011

An Overdue Adventure

Of late our 'real life' adventures have been in short supply. This is partly our own choice. A few things have given us reason to focus on our family and the more vanilla aspects of our lives. The other part of this is lack of opportunity. We don't have the wealth to employ a nanny, nor do we have grandparents living in the next suburb who are willing to babysit our children every other week while we go off gallivanting and flaunting our asses. So opportunity for adults only entertainment can be a little feast or famine.

Finally a child free Friday rolled around and we headed off to our favourite swingers club. Because of our self imposed absence from this kind of thing we were a bit cautious about what to expect. We were prepared (condoms in pockets etc) but not expectant (playing it cool). As always happens when you are thinking about having a quiet night the adventure that you could never have imagined comes along, takes you by the hair and drags you out for a good time.

We were standing near a pool table mindng our own business having a quiet drink and contemplating a game when along came a hottie and her man. We chatted with them both a bit. She told me I'm hot, I say "So are you." She says "No I am not as hot as you." and we talk about what we like to get up to.

As an aside. What the hell do you say when someone tells you that you are hot? I usually get out a thank you and feel all awkward. What really gets me is when they then go on to say "No really you are fucking awesome and those boobs are the best boobs I have ever seen." Now I am not pretending for a second this happens all the time nor am I wanting you all to think I am an egomainiac. I just want to know what to say other than "thanks", and then stand there looking and feeling like an idiot.

Anyway back to the adventure. We chatted, they went their way, we went ours, we talked to a few people and watched some live sex etc. All the normal things you do when you are at a swingers club. Then we found ourselves in bed with Mr and Mrs Hottie. THAT's when things got REALLY interesting. Now you all might find this a little amusing but I am not a raving sex lunatic and when I am in a situation with new people I generally like to take it easy. Mrs Hottie has one setting. Full on. That in itself was a challenge but somehow I rose to the occasion like the champion I am.

Something that attracted us to Mrs Hottie apart from the hotness was a claim she made about being a squirter. Jake has a weakness, like about 95% of the other males in the world, for a woman who can squirt, or gush or ejaculate. Whatever you want to call it. I have to say she lived up to her claim well and truly. It was incredibly horny watching her cover him with her liquid.

Mr Hottie was a little bit more reserved than his wife. It turned out he was more of a quiet achiever and rather skilled at coaxing ejaculate out of a woman. It did take me a little while but I got to Mrs Hottie's level and then both of us were covering everything and everyone with our juice. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you gush. It is addictive. Once I start I find it hard to stop and once I get really excited the slightest touch can set me off.

I was there having a great time when Mrs Hottie began describing how much she liked being fisted. Then she blew me away by asking me if I wanted to fist her. Now I will be totally honest and say this was definitely not on my Fucket list or even anywhere near my Fucket list. Jake however was totally up for the experience and rose to the occasion admirably. He loved it and his response has made me rethink my position on the whole thing. Jake definitely wants to do it again. I am still thinking it over, maybe one day. Not sure about being on the recieving end that will require a bit more thought.

And so we woke up the next morning with that feeling of "Did that really happen?" followed by the "I want to fuck like a rabbit all day" feeling and now a few days later the "I wonder when we can do it all again?" feeling. We definitely will have to make sure we don't leave it too long before we go looking for another adventure.

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