Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Snog - Into the Blue

It is Sunday Snog time. This week I am sharing an excerpt from something I am working on at the moment. I hope that the full length version will be available for the public's reading pleasure sometime next year. The working title of this is "Into the Blue".

Jared embarks on a round the world sailing voyage with his girlfriend. We meet him just after his girlfriend decided that Jared's yacht is not where she wants to be and left Jared to continue his journey alone. After anchoring in the port of an out of the way Pacific island paradise Jared takes a walk along the beach and is taken aback by a woman who seems to appear out of the ocean in front of him....

The girl walked up the beach and sat down next to him. The spell was broken as her body neatly folded into a sitting position on the beach beside him. Painfully aware of his throbbing cock he was forced to look at her face.
"Hello," her voice was unusual. It was melodic but strangely, it made him think of the sound the ocean made in his ears when he was diving.
"Hello," he held out his hand to her. "My name is Jared."
She took his hand solemnly between hers, "My name is Nicola."
He looked deeply into her eyes. They were a brilliant blue, not the turquoise of the water close to the beach but deeper navy like the ocean further out.
"Nice to meet you Nicola," he smiled. "You have amazing eyes." She laughed, he listened intently. Why did everything about this woman remind him of water?
"Well it is nice to meet you too Jared." She glanced downwards. "You have amazing shorts."
Normally a comment like that would embarrass him but somehow with this woman everything seemed natural. No matter what she said or he did he felt completely at home. They chatted for hours about his life and passion for the ocean. She was a keen diver and they enthused about the world below the ocean. He forgot his plans to head back into the village to explore the bar and have an afternoon drink. Almost without him realizing, the whole afternoon had passed by and he found himself watching the sun sinking over the horizon.
As it does in the tropics, darkness fell quickly as if someone had dropped a blanket over the light. The coral that formed the beach seemed to glow slightly in the darkness and the sound of the unseen waves reached his ears. He thought vaguely about making his way back to the village and finding some dinner but somehow he didn't want to get up. Nicola had watched the sun go down quietly and now even though she wasn't talking he could feel her sitting beside him. Her hair gave off a faint smell of the sea and he could feel the warmth from her body.
Without warning he felt her hand slipping inside the waistband of his board shorts. His cock had been lying quietly as they had talked and watched the sun go down but it sprang instantly to attention at the feeling of her tentative touch. She pressed against him and he realized that she had slipped out of her bikini top in the darkness.
Without thinking he bent down to take her nipple between his lips. It was firm but as his tongue flicked softly over the end he felt it stiffening even more. With his other hand he reached out to tweak the other nipple gently between his fingers. A soft gasp fell from her mouth to his ears. Inside his shorts her hand tightened around his throbbing cock. He pulled her down with him as he lay back on the beach. Her breasts brushed his chest and her hair fell around them as she leaned down and kissed him.
Her lips tasted like the sea, clean and fresh with a little taste of salt. He pulled back and licked the taste from his lips for a moment. Then he wrapped his hand around the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto his. He kissed her deeply probing his tongue into her mouth, tasting her. Her body melted against his; the hard nodes of her nipples pressing into his chest and her legs wrapping around him. He ran his hands down her back and slipped them into her bikini bottoms gripping her tiny, firm butt cheeks in the palms of his hands. She ground her groin against his upper thigh moaning softly against his kissing lips as he pressed her against him.

I hope that you enjoyed my snog for the week. You can read other snogs and catch up on all the Blissemas action at Victoria Blisse's blog.


  1. This looks great, good luck with the rest of the writing!

  2. Thank you for the great feedback. It means a lot to me when a real writer likes my scribbles