Saturday, January 14, 2012

Naked Man Coming Through

Last night Jake and I ventured out to our favourite club. The night was typical. There were people playing pool, people sitting around chatting and after a while some women got up on the stage to pole dance. They were attractive women who like to dance for their husbands and audience. So naturally there was a removal of clothes. I was sitting chatting with a younger single guy admiring the women when another man walked past on his way to the shower. He was naked and although he wasn't flaunting himself anyone who happened to be looking his way got a nice look at a rather nice cock that was above average size at least in length.

I will take a moment to point out that there is a rule in the club about walking around naked in the general area. In this case the naked man was on his way from a play room to the shower. He was holding clothing over his cock so you did have to actually look to see the cock. He WASN'T waving the organ around saying "Hey look what I have.!" Although I have seen that happen.

I was a little surprised when my friend commented about the man being a showboater. My first thought (based on experience) was that my friend obviously doesn't have a penis that size and like so many men he is touchy about it. I looked at the woman on the stage who had on a tiny g string and some jewellery and was bending over and showing herself to a very appreciative audience and asked my friend,
"Why is it OK for her to be naked and showing all her bits but if a man does it then he is showboating? If you have a right to look at a woman and appreciate her body don't I have a right to look at a man and do the same?"

He didn't have an answer to that one. It did get me to thinking though. Men have a thing about their penises. It starts when they are about two and they discover it and goes on for the rest of their life. This thing means they get horribly hung up about its size, its shape, how it looks etc. It also means that it is not considered good form to flaunt yourself if you have a particularly attractive one and it is DEFINITELY not good form for women to be openly appreciative of nice looking cocks when their husband's one is not as big or impressive.

Conversely women as a whole obsess about their breasts. Are they too big, too small, too saggy, are the nipples too big etc? What is different is that it is encouraged for them to display their breasts and it is OK for us all to comment about the ones we like without consideration for the women whose breasts aren't the same size or fullness or whatever. When an attractive set walks in the room not one single guy gives a thought to how inadequate they may make their wife feel when they comment on "How good her tits look."

This is not a post complaining about sexual inequality. It is merely an commentary on what I observed so hold the hate mail please. I will say this. I love cocks. I love looking at them. I love sucking them and I love fucking them. Check out my post The Cock Shot for more about my love of this organ. I will also say this. I have never met a penis I didn't like or that didn't have the ability to give me pleasure. I have met a few owners of cocks however, that leave a lot to be desired.

It takes all sorts to make the world go round. From the long thin ones to the big fat ones to the little energetic ones. A tool will always do what it is designed to do if it is used properly. As my Grandad used to say,
"It is a poor workman who blames his tools."

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