Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year's Adventure.

 After a short break Wank Wednesday is back!!!. The prompt for this week is Arc. I have written a little piece based on an unexpected adventure that Jake and I were involved in on New Year's eve.

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As I sat in the darkness of the dungeon watching the scene before me I felt like I was watching something from a story. I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing something like this in real life. The tiny woman was spread eagled on the frame. A mask covered part of her face and her outstretched arms held her white shirt open to reveal small firm breasts capped with dark erect nipples. Below the waist she was naked except for white knee-high socks and shoes.
Her master raised his whip and brought it down in a neat arc to strike her exposed belly. The slap of the leather hitting her skin resounded through the room. Her body quivered and she bit her lip, bracing herself for the next blow.
The leather landed lower this time, a sharper crack landing on her pubic bone. She gave a small cry of pain and her body twitched. The Master stroked the tip of his whip over her breasts easing aside her shirt further so that the audience could have a better view of her neat body.
Several more cracks of the whip struck her naked flesh and she twitched in response. This time The Master took up a vibrator and caressed the outer lips of her pussy. Her knees pressed together and her body undulated in pleasure. With his opposite hand The Master swiftly lashed the woman’s naked body punishing her as he continued to pleasure her.
He took the vibrator away so that he could focus on his whipping. Well placed lashes cracked across her lower belly and pubis. The tiny body winced in pain as the Master and his girl looked each other intently in the eye. Quietly he stroked her with the end of the whip looking as if her were considering what would please him now.
Unexpectedly he turned to look at the crowd behind him. I was mesmerised by what I had watched. My cunt throbbed and I felt my erect nipples straining against the fabric of my red dress. The Master’s eye met mine. He took two long steps and held the whip out towards me. I was startled and looked around me. There was no one behind me.
The tall imposing man pressed the handle of the whip into my palm and gestured towards the girl. Her brown eyes looked at me. Surprisingly I felt the challenge in them. My body throbbed in arousal.
“You may do with her what you will. If it pleases you, the people may like to watch you pleasure her.”
I nodded. My heart was beating hard in my chest. When I ventured out of my door that night, I never for a second dreamed that I would be participating in an adventure like this. I turned towards the girl and stroked her coffee coloured skin with the end of the whip.
“You may whip her as hard as you wish. If she says red then it is too hard.” The Master encouraged me.
I flicked the whip across her belly firmly. She looked me in the eye challenging me. I struck her again; my eye was caught by the heaving of her chest. Her nipples peeked out of her shirt. With the butt of the whip I pushed aside the white fabric and bent to clamp the flesh between my lips. My tongue teased the hard bud while I bit down firmly with my teeth. Her chest heaved as she inhaled sharply. I used the butt of the whip to press against her clit and then I realised The Master had inserted the vibrator into her pussy before he had left her.
She pressed against the butt of the whip I ground it into her alternating between sucking firmly on her nipple and biting down on her. I heard a small moan and her Master spoke in my ear,
“If it pleases you I think she would like you to lick her.”
I bent my mouth to the neat flaps surrounding her pussy and slipped my tongue into her sweet tasting slit. The vibrator buzzed against my tongue as I flicked the tip against the centre of her pleasure. She gave a loud cry and pressed her knees together. I looked up and saw her looking imploringly at her master.
He nodded to her, “You may come.” He looked at me. “You give her great pleasure.”
She opened her legs and I pressed my face against her, seeking out her swollen clit. My tongue circled around the hard node as it swelled more and more with her pleasure. Then with a loud cry and a small jet of liquid she came over my face.
I stood up and stepped back. Someone from the crowd handed me a towel and I looked at the woman as she hung against her bonds like a rag doll. Her Master untied her and helped her towards a nearby bed where she sagged down and lay quietly as he fussed over her.
Suddenly my husband was beside me,
“That was the hottest thing I ever saw.” He whispered urgently in my ear. I looked down at the huge bulge in his pants and felt an answering throb in my own groin.
Without a word he guided me to a dark corner of the room, bent me over the back of a couch and lifted up my dress.

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