Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breaking the Habit - Wanton Wednesday

Wanton Wednesday is here again. This week I asked for H words from my lovely followers and the very sexy @honeyflick suggested 'habit'. Another follower, @zlliwa suggested halo. And so 'Breaking the Habit' was born.

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Breaking the Habit      

Jen sat watching the doorway. Every time the door swung her heart lurched. She eagerly scanned the face of each person who walked through the doorway wondering if they were the one she was waiting for. As each one turned away from her she felt a little deflated. Unconsciously she began to chew her nails. She was constantly trying to break this habit that Sir detested.
Realising what she was doing Jen snatched her hand away from her mouth and began fussing with the hem of her skirt. As always when she was in public and under instruction she was not wearing any panties. As always, she fretted that someone would see her nudity. She wasn't sure what she was more afraid of, the shame of being exposed this way or the wrath of Sir that she had allowed someone to see his property. Without realising she began to chew her fingernail again.
"Malcolm did tell me that you had some nervous habits." A male voice spoke from beside her chair and Jen jumped.
"I am sorry," the stranger pulled out a chair and sat opposite her. "I didn't mean to startle you."
Jen nodded looking down at her hands clasped together in her lap. Her heart thundered in her chest. He hadn't said the word but he knew Sir. It must be him. When Sir had set this task Jen felt panic deep in her heart. He had told her to come here tonight and wait for a man who would use the code word. She didn't know anything about him except that she had never met him before and that she was to do exactly what she was told. Right now she wasn't sure what she was more afraid of. Completing the task or running away and having to face Sir later.
"I love the way the light plays in your hair. It is as if you have a halo." The man leaned forward and whispered into her ear.
He used the word! Halo. Jen tried to hunch further down into her chair but it wasn't possible. Through her terror the scent of her new companion and the feel of his words in her ear set her taught nerves jangling. Or was the realisation that he had used the code word that set her off? A trickle of wetness formed between her thighs. She braved a look at her companion sitting opposite calmly studying her. She caught sight of his hands. Her heart leapt as she took in their smooth skin and the way they looked to strong and capable. For a second she imagined the feel of them on her skin squeezing her nipple and slapping her bare butt.
"My name is Evan," her companion smiled at her. "Malcolm did tell me that you were amazing but I was not prepared for such a beautiful woman."
Jen allowed herself a small smile. His scrutiny was causing the wetness in between her legs to increase.
"Malcolm told me that you would be dressed appropriately." His eyes bored into her now looking very serious. "Show me." His words were not a request but still Jen hesitated. Her prudish upbringing warred with her training to obey. Steeling herself and shutting her eyes she opened her legs for a moment before crossing them again.
"I will tell you when you can close your legs." Evan's voice was quiet but forceful. "I want to see you."
Jen swallowed hard and opened her knees again. Colour rose in her cheeks as she sat displaying herself to him. She felt as if the whole bar was looking at her bare naked pussy. The shame made her want to crawl under the chair.
Evan moved to stand beside her with his hand on her shoulder, "Stand up. We are going now." He caressed her shoulder gently for a moment. "But before you do I want you to take off your bra and give it to me."
Quaking under his firm gaze Jen wriggled out of her bra and handed it to him. Her cheeks burned with shame as she noticed a man at the bar watching her. Evan put his arm around her waist and guided her out of the bar and across the lobby. Holding her close to him he whispered into her ear what he would do to her when he had her in his room upstairs. Jen's nipples poked through the fabric of her dress and she felt the wetness in her cunt beginning to run down her legs.
In the elevator Evan pressed her against the wall and lifted her short skirt. His hand pressed her thighs apart and his fingers stroked her soaking wet pussy.
"You are such a horny slut," his voice was hot in her ear. She felt his hard erection against her leg and moaned against his chest. Keeping one hand against her hot wet cunt Evan slipped his other hand inside her dress and pinched her nipple softly at first and then harders she moaned in pleasure against him. Then the cubicle stopped and the door opened to allow more people inside.
Evan lifted himself off her and moved to stand beside her. The tiny room was filled with the smell of her arousal and Jen reached to make sure the hem of her dress was pulled down. A strong hand gripped her wrist and prevented any adjustments. Jen was sure that she had pussy juice running down her leg.
"When we get out of this elevator I am going to show you what happens to dirty sluts like you." Evan whispered into Jen's ear.
The couple on the opposite side of the elevator smiled nervously. Jen felt the elevator stop and the doors slid open.
"This is us." Evan addressed the nervous couple before guiding Jen out into the hallway. He moved slightly away from the elevator doors and then turned around to face Jen.
"Take off your clothes." Jen's heart raced and she hesitated for a second before pulling down the neck of her dress and wriggling it down to her feet. She made to step out of her shoes but Evan stopped her. "Keep the shoes on." Taking her hand he helped her step out of the dress before he bent down to pick the garment up.
"Walk to the end of the hallway." He commanded. "Our door is on the left."
Jen walked slowly down the hallway. Evan walked behind admiring the lines of her back and her smooth round cheeks. At the doorway she stopped waiting for him. She was surprised when the door swung open to admit her. Another man, slightly younger than Evan guided her inside. His eyes were devouring her hungrily but he didn't speak to her.
"She is as lovely as Malcolm promised," the younger man spoke to Evan almost as if Jen were a piece of furniture.
"Yes and she is a dirty slut who can't wait to be fucked." Evan tweaked Jen's naked nipple. In front of her the younger man undressed. Jen's eyes widened as she took in the size of his cock standing out in front of him. "I see that you are impatient as always," Evan smiled fondly at his friend.
"You know Master that I adore you in all ways possible." The young man kneeled at Evan's feet.
"And you have been particularly well behaved this week." Evan stroked his hair affectionately. "That is why I have brought this treat for you tonight. Among other things she is your reward for finally breaking that filthy habit of chewing your nails."

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