Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gummi Bears

Welcome to Wanton Wednesday. Due to her committments with Eroticon the lovely Ruby has put Wank Wednesday on hold for a few weeks. However if you need your Wank you can check out the excellent entries already posted this year over at Word Ejaculation.

There is still room to be Wanton so you can also head over to Dangerous Lilly to see what the other Wanton folk are up to this week. My personal favourite is Honey Flick, delicious.

In keeping with Ruby's alphabet theme I asked my Facebook followers for a 'G' word prompt. Gummy was the suggestion I went with. I hope you enjoy.

Nick ran down the hallway towards the double doors. Just before he reached the doorway they swung shut. He stood for a few moments resting his hand on the door handle catching his breath before he slowly turned the handle and pushed the door open as silently as possible. The lecture theatre was almost filled but there were still a few seats at the back. Quietly Nick made his way towards the nearest one slipping into it and taking his notebook from his bag just as the lecturer started speaking.
He began taking notes trying to make sense of the formulae on the projector in front of him. The adrenalin from the rush to get here drained out of him and tiredness seeped into him. His body craved sleep. The lecturer's voice began to fade into the background and Nick became aware of a sweet, vaguely familiar smell. Shaking himself awake he tried to focus on the lecture but he found himself looking around to find the source of the scent.
Then he saw her, sitting in the row in front, a little across from him eating gummi bears. He had seen this girl before. Wavy brown hair was tucked behind her ear. Slender fingers gripped her pen as she scribbled notes. The neck of her shirt fell just so that from this angle Nick was treated to a glimpse of smooth skin falling into an enticing cleavage. A half-eaten bear sat between her full red lips moving slightly as she sucked it. Nick watched the sweet fascinated by the gentle movement of the lips magically holding the little bear and sucking the sweetness out of it.
Nick gave a small sigh as she sucked the bear into her mouth and began to chew it slowly. Her tongue traced the outline of her lips as she licked away the remaining sweetness. Then she reached forward for another one. Her fingers held the jelly against her lips as she licked the sugar from the outside with little cat like movements before she slipped the bear between her lips and began sucking again.
Shaking his head Nick returned to his lecture but the formulae on the whiteboard meant nothing to him. The figures swam together and seemed to form into a large gummi bear. Long slender fingers reached out and plucked the bear from the board. The girl knelt before him and licked the bear with her pink tongue. Nick found himself easing his aching cock out of his jeans and holding it out for her. She smiled up at him and slipped the formula-bear between her lips as she bent down and began licking the tip of his cock.
Containing a groan of pleasure Nick slumped further down in his seat inviting her to lick the shaft. Obligingly she ran her tongue down the length of him before pressing her lips over the tip of his cock and sucking firmly. A tiny whimper came from Nick's mouth and one hand gripped the back of her head.
She pressed her tongue to the back of her front teeth as she looked up at him and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt. Firm round breasts spilled out and she bent down to slide her lips over his cock head and down his shaft. Warmth flooded through him and he felt his cock against the back of her throat.
Her head moved slowly up and down, her hair fell forward onto his belly and she swirled the bear and her tongue over the tip of his cock. Nick felt the urgency building in him and magically she responded. The little bear melted away and all he could feel was her firm lips and her magic tongue. She sucked harder giving tiny moans of pleasure from deep inside her body. Nick's knuckles turned white as he gripped the arms of his chair, digging his nails into the plastic.
Suddenly the lecture theatre came alive as students began to file out. The girl between his legs disappeared. Groggily Nick looked around him. Students walked past not even seeing him. He looked down, his jeans were safely zipped. He glanced over at the seat in the next row forward a little to the side of him it was empty.
As he straightened his papers and packed them into his briefcase a lolly packet fell onto his table. Slowly he lifted the plastic up and the sweet smell of gummi bears filled his nostrils. Hurriedly Nick shoved his books and papers into his briefcase and pushed through the departing students into the hallway outside. He was just in time to see a girl with brown wavy hair open the door to the courtyard outside. He looked down at the packet clutched in his hand. On the back was written a phone number.

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