Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Icy Pole at the beach.

 This week's wanton Wednesday was brought to you by the letter I. Summer is still hitting with a vengance here and I really liked @zlliwla suggestion of icy pole. I hope you all enjoy what I did with it.

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It was hot. One of those days when the bitumen melts and the heat hits you with real physical force when you leave the air-conditioning. Sean and I drove down to the beach to see what was happening. We knew that the whole world would be there but it was really the only place to go when it was hot like that.
We were right, the whole world was there. We didn't even bother getting the boards off the car. Even if there was a wave there were about five hundred people out there waiting for it. We sat for a while in the shade at the tables outside of the surf club watching the world going by. We contemplated going for a swim but we didn't like the idea of fighting off bodies for a space in the ocean just didn't seem worth the effort.
Sean gave me a nudge and I noticed a girl I had never seen before sitting across from us. Her tanned legs sprouted out of her cut-offs and her full young breasts filled out her bikini top nicely. She was completely oblivious to us as she sat looking at the ocean eating her icy pole.
Her mouth was mesmerising, full lips, coated with liquid from her ice block glistened red. Almost seductively she licked the outside of the ice block from the base to the tip. And then she opened those full red lips a little wider and inserted the whole ice block into her mouth. She clamped down and sucked the sweetness from the ice before sliding it slowly out of her mouth. 
"Oh man," Sean breathed.
I nodded in agreement.
Still she seemed unaware of us, the icy pole shrank away with her sucking. Then a friend walked up to her. She held her icy pole against her lip as her friend talked to her for a moment. The heat made red drips fall from the ice onto her breast. Mesmerised I watched the liquid trail down her chest into the valley between her breasts. The coolness made her nipples poke out against the fabric. All I could think of was taking down that top and sucking those nipples into my mouth.
"You dripped on yourself," her friend pointed out to her.
"Damn! Now I will be all sticky." Quickly she sucked the excess juice out of the icy pole wiping at her chest with her hand.
"I will fix it." Her friend reached behind her neck and opened her bikini. My jaw dropped open as her friend bent down and licked the sweet stickiness from the girl's chest. I felt a raging hard on as her head moved slightly to the left and a set of pink lips closed around a fully erect nipple. The girl sighed in pleasure and then incredibly looked over to us both sitting there with our mouths hanging open. A cheeky look came into her eyes and she reached over her friend's back and slid her ice block down the bottom of her back and almost into her shorts.
"Ooops," she giggled as her friend straightened up. "Turn around and let me fix you."
Without a comment her friend turned around unzipping her shorts as she did so. The faded denim slid down over her full round butt before falling to her feet. She stood facing the world in a tiny G-tring bikini. She took the ice from her friend and looked at me and Sean deliberately sliding the coolness deep into her mouth and sucking hard. Behind her the topless girl ran her tongue over the top of her ass and across her lower back in slow strokes.
She took the stick from the ice block out of her mouth and rested it against her lips for a moment. A pang went through me as I realised that our live porn show was about to end. My cock was throbbing inside my boardies aching for a sucking like the one the icy pole just got. Then the two girls walked over to us.
They stood one in front of each of us. I looked straight in front of me at a belly and a tiny triangle of fabric barely covering her pussy. I noticed a thin strip of wetness staining the fabric just where it plunged between her legs. Glancing over at Sean I saw him tentatively reach up to pinch those beautiful nipples hanging just above his head.
"You looked like you were enjoying that ice block," Sean commented.
"It is always good to have something to suck on a hot day," she replied.
I nodded my head in agreement thinking about pulling down that tiny G-string and sliding my tongue into the slit between her friend's legs.
"You know," she continued after a moment. "This place is pretty crowded. I have air-conditioning back at mine.You guys want to come and hang out for a while?"

"Brian you need to get and mow that lawn!" Dazed and sleepy, I shook my head in confusion. What was Mum doing here? The shrill voice continued,
"You promised you would mow the lawn this afternoon." She was standing above me with her hands on her hips. "Really ever since you moved back in you have been such a lazy ass. Don't think I am going to be making your dinner while you sleep here under the fan all afternoon." Frowning still getting over the shock of being dragged from such an awesome dream I watched Mum stomping back into the kitchen.
"And if you are going to watch porn in your room get some decent stuff. All that fake orgasming puts me off."


  1. Ha ha...good story..been there a few times myself!!

  2. A very sexy and whimsical post! We can most certainly relate to those summer days with no relief in sight. Here in California, though, today is not one of them.

  3. LOL
    Great story with a funny twist, and I love the illustrations ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Oh I can't wait for some summer time although here in the UK we never get really hot.


  5. Glad you all liked this one. Come back next week for the letter 'J'