Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pyro's Pleasure

In the absence of a full Wank Wednesday prompt we are just being Wanton this week. In the spirit of all this please visit Dangerous Lilly to check out the other wanton stories and pictures.

Under regular circumstances Wank Wednesday would be borught to you by the letter F. At the suggestion of Mr Fix It the word for today is fire.

Sometimes even I am surprised at what comes out of my brain and today is no exception. Jake was impressed with this deviation. Enjoy.

Genevieve looked out of the window of her tower. The dragon was still there of course. The spectacular creature was curled around the base of her tower. Its scales were an iridescent blue that shimmered almost green and a small flame flickered from one nostril as it dozed in the early morning light.  
A red glint caught Genevieve's eye. He jaw dropped as she caught sight of the most enormous ruby she had ever seen.
"My goodness!" she exclaimed.
The dragon tensed and looked up at her. Slowly it raised is head to peer into her window. For a moment they looked into each other's eyes. The ancient yellow reptilian eye seemed to be almost pleading with a pair of cornflour blue human eyes that conveyed a whole torrent of frustration. Then almost casually the dragon cast the ruby into the room. A beam of sunlight was caught by the gem and prisms of red light reflected on all the walls of the room.
"Really!" Genevieve tossed her blonde curls. "What AM I supposed to do with this?" She bent down and picked up the ruby to shake it at the dragon. "Can I eat it? Will it satisfy any other bodily need?"
The dragon squirmed a little under the icy blue gaze and if it were possible blushed at her last question. Genevieve tossed the gem onto the top of a pile of similar items in the corner. For a moment she looked at the pile that was worth enough to buy any kingdom she wished. The irony of being trapped in this tower with such wealth was not lost on her. Right now she would gladly exchange the whole lot for a chocolate cake and a good man.  
The dragon watched her and then with a low growl in its throat it lifted itself up into the air and away.
"Make sure you don't break this one in half!" Genevieve leaned out of the window to shout after the retreating body of the dragon.
About an hour later the return of the dragon was announced by a swoosh of wings. Then an unfamiliar voice echoed around her living room,
"What the?"
Peeking through the doorway from her bedchamber Genevieve saw a tall broad shouldered man standing next to the window. Warmth spread across her belly as her eyes hungrily took in his size and the slight bulge in his trousers. Not one to waste time she stepped into the room slipping her robe down over her shoulders as she walked up to him.
"Hello there," Genevieve waited until she was standing in front of him to let the robe fall completely to the floor.
"Uh hello." The man looked bewildered and glanced over his shoulder at the window. He turned quickly away when he caught sight of a big yellow dragon eye looking at him steadily.
"Well Pyro you have done well this time." Genevieve reached up and slid her hands inside the man's shirt. With a quick flick of her wrists and a sharp tearing sound the shirt joined her robe on the floor. A smile played across her lips as she stroked his chest teasing his nipples with her nails.
"Take your pants off," she commanded him. Obediently he removed his pants and stood in front of her completely naked. Genevieve walked around him slowly looking him over. When she completed her inspection she stood in front of him. He was at least a head taller than her. Just the way she liked.
"Pyro brings me treasures often," she gestured towards the pile of gems in the corner. "But you know a woman needs more than gems in her life." To demonstrate Genevieve rubbed her naked breasts against the man's chest. "What is your name?"
"Luther," the man answered with dignity.
"Mmmmnn," her eyes took on a faraway look as she slipped her finger between her legs. For a moment she stood with her knees slightly apart as she fingered herself. Then she slipped her finger out of her pussy and held it up to him. Luther licked the musk from her finger as she watched him closely."
"So when that happens he brings me other treats, like you." Genevieve smiled before she took on a more serious expression. "And so your duty today is to pleasure me. Pyro loves to hear me scream. He gets off on it in his weird dragon way." Genevieve's eye slanted towards the dragon watching intently from the window. She walked deliberately over to the couch against the wall opposite the window and lay down with her legs spread wide.
Her finger toyed with the node above the entrance to her pussy and the smell of her arousal filled the room. A deep sigh came from the window. As if he was in a trance the man walked over to her and knelt between her knees.
Genevieve lay back with her eyes closed as Luther tentatively stroked her labia with his tongue. Gently she pressed the back of his head into her.
"Don’t be shy." She instructed languidly. Her lover responded dipping his tongue into her juicy folds and inserting it deep inside her. Genevieve's toes curled and her pert breasts heaved in response to his attentions. Small moans increased to loud animal groans as he sucked and nibbled at her clitoris while he plunged his fingers deep inside her.
When she felt as if she could bear no more her lover raised his face from between her legs. Juice dripped down his chin and he looked pleased with himself as he looked at her lying gasping on the couch. He reached out and gently pinched her nipples and another orgasm convulsed through her. Her eyes opened slightly,
"Do I pass," his deep throaty voice sent another shiver through her.
Genevieve roused herself just enough to answer him, "I think so." She managed to gasp weakly as she fell back against the couch.
Luther turned to the dragon watching from the window, "What do you think? Should I finish her off?" 
Pyro blinked and then nodded his head once as his new friend turned back to Genevieve. Slowly he slid his cock into her, filling her soaking wet pussy with himself. A low moan came from Genevieve. A sympathetic keen came from the window.
Luther gave in to his own desire and pounded into Genevieve's deep well. Her breasts bounced in time with his pumping and her moans bounced off the walls. As she screamed out her pleasure He joined in her climax with a long groan before collapsing on top of her. A happy sound came from the dragon watching them.
After a few moments Luther sat back on his heels and studied Genevieve closely.
"A workout like that sure does make you hungry," he observed. "Can you show me where the kitchen is? I think we both deserve a big fat chocolate cake before we embark on round two."

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