Sunday, February 12, 2012

Turning into a High Maintenance Chick

All my life I have looked down my nose a little at 'High Maintenance' women. You know the ones who always seem to be at the hairdresser or the nail technician or the beautician. I prided myself on being 'low maintenance'. Somewhere in my twisted female brain I thought it would give me an advantage.

When Jake and I met I wore glasses, visited the hairdresser about twice a year and kept my fingernails short. I owned about one dress and three pairs of shoes, one of which was the steel capped boots I wore to work.

These days I find myself doing all those things I used to scoff at other women for doing. Visits to the hairdresser (although still not as often as the hairdresser would like!!) waxing, and nail maintenance. Getting ready to go out seems to involve days of preparation and planning. Hair has to be washed at the latest the morning before. Body hair needs to be attended to. Waxing needs to be completed a day before.The outfit and accessories can take a while to decide on as well as the grooming before actual departure.

I wonder sometimes who all this grooming is for. Certainly the removal of body hair is something that we appreciate on our dates and I am sure that my partners appreciate the smooth skin. But what about the hair, nails, dress and shoes? Certainly at clubs there is a little bit of emphasis on dress. And probably a bit of competition between some of the women at least about who looks the hottest.

Recently I was at a club chatting with a single male friend of ours. As you do we were checking out the various outfits and I was bemoaning my inablity to find a new dress. I am looking for a new killer dress but being a little fussy and not a size 8 is posing a few problems. He couldn't see why I was getting so hung up on it. His words were something like this,

    "If you are hot then it doesn't matter if you turn up in a potato sack."

The look he gave me as he made this comment indicated that I was more than welcome to turn up in a potato sack. I am flattered but it hasn't diminshed my mission to find a killer dress. I guess at the end of the day women do dress a particular way not just for the benefit of the men in their lives, (which is good because like my friend most of them would rather see us walking around naked.) but rather for the approval of each other and more importantly for their own gratification. If a woman is wearing something that makes her feel hot she is going to act accordingly.

And so faced with a party looming at the end of this week I find myself on the merry go round of grooming. It has taken me a rather long conversation with my hairdresser and swapping appointments with Jake (boys have to comply with the grooming requirements of this lifestyle as well.) to get my hair presentable. I am now worrying about all my other hair. I don't have time to get a wax and I hate shaving. (More grooming). I have also had a long conversation with my nails about not breaking. Mr Fix it will be at this party and he does love a good scratch down his back in the throes of passion. Natural nails do that soooo much better.

In addition I have not completed my costume. One cannot walk accross the foyer of a hotel in a crotchet bikini (it is a 70's party) so more dilemmas. Of course an hour after we all arrive we will be naked and getting very busy so it will be a tad irrelevant or will it. Will the looking at seductively dressed women for a little while give the guys that extra edge? I like to think so. I know I certainly like looking at a half clothed nipple it just makes me want to expose it and taste it.

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