Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Apres Skiing.

It is Wanton Wednesday time again folks. A while ago I was asked to write about a fantasy scenario for a twitter friend. So here it is. I hope that I have done it justice and he and his lovely wife enjoy it!

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"Honey lets go for a spa," Lindsay giggled into my ear as we made our slightly tipsy way back to our room. It was freezing, odd that, considering we were at a ski lodge. Then for some reason I felt the ache in my leg muscles from the unaccustomed exercise of skiing over the last few days. A spa sounded like the best idea on the world. There was one problem,
"I don't have any swimmers." I looked helplessly at Lindsay. Of course I didn't think to pack swimmers for a skiing holiday.
She looked at me like I was five, "Baby it is 11pm I don't think anyone is gonna notice if you aren't wearing swimmers." Her eyes took on a glint that I knew well, "Besides if you aren't wearing any swimmers that means I get full access to all of you." She winked. I felt a stirring as I thought about fumbling about in the warm water.
So it was settled. Giggling like drunken teenagers we made our way down to the spa slipped out of our clothing and sank into the warm water. I sighed as the bubbles massaged me and the warmth penetrated my muscles. For a few moments Lindsay did the same. She lay against the side of the spa with her eyes closed. I could see the top of her breasts and when the bubbles moved the right way I was rewarded with a glimpse of her nipples. I felt Lindsay's hand on my thigh and my cock responded almost straight away before her hand travelled upwards.
As she closed her fingers around my throbbing erection I caught sight of her face. I knew that look and I felt myself get even harder. She is a devious one my wife, and when she gets that look in her eye you just know things are going to get hot.
I reached over and slipped my fingers between her legs. With a sigh she willingly opened herself to my hand inviting me to explore her folds.
"Lindsay Bobby you are very, very naughty." I whispered into her ear before flicking my tongue against her earlobe.
"Really Al Bobby?" she turned her body so that it was at right angles to mine and reached out with her spare hand to tweak my nipple. "What do you think you are gonna do about it?" Her fingernails gripped my nipple with just the right amount of pressure to cause a pang of pleasure-pain to shoot through me.
Her right hand shuffled up and down my cock. At the top of each stroke her thumb caressed the head of my cock smearing precum that was leaking out of me. Looking me in the eye she bent down and took my nipple into her mouth. I groaned in pleasure and threw my head back with my eyes closed.  Warm waves of pleasure flowed through me as Lindsay's hand shuffled up and down my cock and I stroked her hard clit under the foamy bubbles.
For a moment I forgot where I was and was unaware of anything around me. My mind was filled with ideas of lifting my wife up and impaling her on my cock and sucking her beautiful nipples while I bounced her up and down. I was brought back to reality by the sound of an unfamiliar voice.
"I hope we weren't interrupting anything."
I looked across from me directly into the green eyes of Belinda, a woman we had met with her husband at the bar earlier.
"We thought we would sneak in here and have a naughty midnight spa. It seems great minds think alike." A look passed between Belinda and Lindsay.
Then I felt another hand on top of mine. I looked up at Belinda's green eyes. They had that same naughty look that Lindsay had when we had hopped in the spa.
"Your wife is very beautiful," she whispered to me. "Do you think she would like me to kiss her?"
I opened my mouth to respond, still not really sure what I was going to say but I never got a chance to say anything. Lindsay leaned forward and kissed Belinda softly on the lips. They broke apart to look at each other for a few moments. Lindsay looked like a shy little virgin schoolgirl. Belinda broke the silence,
"Women are so soft to kiss. I can never get enough of their lips." She reached out and placed her hand on the back of Lindsay's head holding her gently as they kissed. I watched, transfixed, as the two women explored each other gently with soft kisses. Lindsay had taken her hand away to explore her new friend. Without thinking I began stroking myself not daring to move or say anything to interrupt the beautiful scene before me.
"Isn't that the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?" Joe, Belinda's husband, leaned over and spoke softly. I noticed his shoulder moving and realised, like me, that he couldn't help himself.
We sat for a moment watching the women kiss and fondle each other before Belinda took a deep breath and looked into Lindsay's eyes,
"You have the hottest lips but I think the guys might be feeling a bit left out. Would you mind if I tried Al on for size?"
I could see from the look on Lindsay's face that she was so worked up right now that she would back up against anything.  She nodded and then looked over at Joe. With a sly grin he reached out to Lindsay and took her hand, "Get that pretty ass over here, I have been waiting all night to feel it in the palm of my hand."
Belinda was leaning up against me and my hand had seemed to take on a life of its own, I looked down at my fingers cupping this breast I had never seen before and felt the unfamiliar hand stroking my cock. I reached down and slipped my fingers into her pussy. Even in the water I could feel the slickness of her arousal. She sighed and gave a little moan as I slid my fingers inside her.
Beside me I could hear Lindsay gasping with pleasure. I looked over and watched, transfixed as Joe bent down and took her nipple between his lips. I couldn't see their hands under the water but I could imagine her hand wrapped around his cock and his fingers working inside her as mine were working inside Belinda.
"I need a cock," Belinda's voice was urgent with desire and she pressed her full breasts against my chest as she straddled my lap. I felt my cock resting against her hot opening. For a moment I resisted the urge to thrust deeply inside her. Then she slid easily down onto me.  A wave of pleasure surged through me. I looked deeply into her eyes as she rocked her hips up and down on me. I watched her breasts bobbing in the water for a few moments before I looked over at Lindsay.
She was kneeling on the seat of the spa with her elbows resting on the edge. Joe stood behind her holding her hips. With a wicked grin he moved his arm so that I could watch him slide his hard cock into her open waiting pussy. She gave a low moan of pleasure as Joe began thrusting into her. I watched her breasts bouncing against the edge of the spa and felt my cock respond as she voiced her pleasure.
Sitting on my lap Belinda matched the speed and rhythm of her husband's thrusting.  As Joe pumped harder and faster into Lindsay she ground deeper and harder into my lap. Her high cries of pleasure increased with Lindsay's deeper groans. I felt Belinda's pussy clamping my cock hard and I gritted my teeth desperately trying to stop myself from cumming.
I held on as long as I could but then I felt the orgasm ripping through me. I groaned loudly as I felt my cum pumping deep into Belinda. Beside me I heard Lindsay almost shouting and Joe pumped her harder that I thought possible. I watched for a few moments  before Joe came himself grunting loudly as he filled her with his cum.
We floated back to our respective partners for kisses and cuddles. My mind was spinning with what we had just done. I was sure I would wake up on the floor of our ski lodge bedroom with a splitting hangover and cum all over my hand. Then Belinda leaned over and spoke softly to both of us.
"That was great for an appetiser. How about we go back up to our room and see what we can cook up for the main course."
Lindsay and I looked at each other. I nodded. I wasn't ready to wake up yet.


  1. I don't know if the friends for which this story was written appreciated it, but we certainly did!