Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Hired Killer

It has been a while since I had time to write you all a little story. I started this one last week when one of my Twitter friends suggested the J word Jail for a prompt. I finally got it finished. (Damn uni taking all my time and energy). I am pretty pleased with this one because I also managed to squeeze in my all time favourite word 'juxtaposition'. I hope you all like this. I had fun writing it, it made me all twitchy.

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The Hired Killer

Lisa's body reverberated with the clanging of the door behind her. No matter how many times she came to this place that sound jarred her nerves and set her on edge. You never knew what would happen in this little room.
Her client studied her from across the desk. His blue eyes bored into her like a predator evaluating his prey. She stepped forward and placed her briefcase on the bare table opening it to remove the papers about her client's case. In her peripheral vision she noticed his hands in front of him on the desk. His long fingers, chapped with hard labour, clasped together. Around his wrists gleamed a set of metal cuffs. Every man she had ever met in this room wore these cuffs. Normally she didn't notice them but today they seemed to stand out against the lines and swirling geometrics of a tribal style tattoo. For a moment she stood staring, transfixed. These hands had held the gun that had blown open the head of 'Big Mike' Johnson. This was Brian Messner, the man that was rumoured to be the highest paid killer in Sydney.
Lisa laid out her papers and seated herself across from him. Now that she was forced to look at him properly she became aware of his size and presence. He seemed to fill the room somehow. Her body responded in a way she had never felt. Wetness trickled between her legs and she felt her heart pounding in her chest. Her nipples strained against her bra and she blushed as his eyes travelled down the cleavage of her blouse. Involuntarily she looked down checking that she hadn't left it unbuttoned. She had to clench her fists against the urge to undo the buttons so that her client could see the swell of her breasts against the lace of her bra.
She forced herself to look up and begin her interview. A faint smirk seemed to be hovering around the lips of her client as he answered her questions and continued to look at her. Lisa forced herself to concentrate on her work but all her senses were focussed on this man. Her nose was filled with his scent. Every time she looked at him she noticed more details that set her nerves jangling. The smoothness of his bald head, the way his forearms flexed when he moved, the broad chest under the brown prison t-shirt, the tiny muscle in his jaw when he clenched his teeth, all of these things drew her in and added to his attraction.
The interview passed. Lisa had no clear recollection of anything that was said but she could remember exactly the shape of the tattoo on his arm and the small scar on the front of his bald scalp.
"Is there anything else that I can help you with?" she always hated asking this question. Men in prison always had something they needed and more often than not her efforts to make sure they got it went in vain.
Brian seemed to give her question some thought before he answered, "No babe. The things I need are not allowed in here." The smirk around his mouth seemed to become bigger and Lisa was aware of the guards stepping forward to restrain him.
Her client made no fuss and left the room quietly as if he had decided that it was time to leave and the guards were incidental. Lisa took a deep breath and packed her files into her briefcase. It seemed as if every nerve in her body was jangling. She was sure there was a pool of her juices on the chair beneath her.
In the car park she opened the door of her BMW. The juxtaposition of the harsh bare room with the hard unpadded chairs and the sleek comfort of the leather seats of her car were not lost on her. In her mind she could see the man being led back to his cell and shut back in his cage. She opened her legs and hitched her skirt up. Her fingers found their way into her soaking wet panties to stroke the hard nub of her clit and penetrate her soaking wet cunt.
She moaned in pleasure as she penetrated herself with three fingers. In her mind she could see Brian leaning against the hard bed with his hand around his cock. She fucked herself harder as she thought about him stroking himself hard and fast, not wanting to get caught but unable to stop herself.
Lisa's fingers pounded into her cunt, her knees were lifted high and held wide and her head was thrown back as she ran her fantasy through her mind. Her back arched away from the smooth leather as Brian grunted his pleasure and shot his cum across the room. Wishing she was there to fill her mouth with his juice and feel the warmth on her face Lisa moaned and cried in pleasure.
Slowly reality faded back into Lisa's view. Sighing with pleasure she licked her fingers, savouring the taste of her own juice. Then with a secret naughty smile of her own she lifted her butt off the seat of her car and slipped her soaking wet panties down over her knees. She took a ziplock bag from her briefcase and sealed them inside.  Then she slipped them carefully in beside her notes from the morning.
"I will definitely have to come back and go over some of this in the next few days." She murmured closing the file.

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  1. Oh wow, I think I am off to my car for a fantasy of my own!