Sunday, March 25, 2012


 As U Like It is an all Australian sex toy store. I am always excited to be able to buy great quality products from somewhere local so I was pretty keen to check them out. The OhMiBod Better Than Chocolate caught my eye straight away. I managed to acquire one and thought I would share my thoughts about it with you all.

Photo rights belong to Gemma Jones

A friend commented to me recently that she would love to find a vibrator that doesn't look like a penis. The main reason for this complaint is that she has young inquisitive children and she has no way of passing off her toys as something more innocent if they happen across one left accidentally lying around. She was very excited to hear about the non-traditional shape of the OhMiBod Better than Chocolate. Some other friends were a little hesitant about the non-traditional shape.
The shape is AWESOME! It fits very nicely in your hand and very snugly over your clitoris with a nice little pointy end that slips just inside your vagina to tease that little spot at the opening. The way you can hold it in your hand means you can adjust the pressure against your clit to as feather light or as hard as you like. Remember that feeling of pressing up against something hard like the bedpost or the kitchen table? This is that same feeling with extra buzz. 

Photo rights belong to Gemma Jones

The 'outside' design makes it great for couple's sex. Sitting astride Jake with the Better Than  Chocolate was, well, better than chocolate! The benefit was not all mine, Jake did comment that the vibrations against his cock were a nice addition. Another great feature is that the Better Than Chocolate is nice and quiet. Nothing spoils the mood like the sound of an oversized blowfly or a heavy electric motor. Unless you are sitting astride a motorbike. 
My busy schedule (like everyone else's) has prevented me from exploring every aspect of the Better than Chocolate but at the top of my to do list is taking it with me for a bath time treat. If anyone would like to mind my children for a while that would be great thanks!!
One of the features of the Better than Chocolate was its ability to sync with your iPod and provide vibrations in time with the music you are listening to. I did play with this feature a little but not a great deal. It seems to work better with songs with a strong beat or strong lyrics. I found Ke$ha's "Like a G6" worked well but "Hush Hush" by the Pussy Cat Dolls was a little weak. I think time would need to be spent working out a special play list of special songs.
On the down side I found the touch controls a little frustrating to use. There is definitely an art to selecting the right pulse setting. The slider to increase intensity is great once you get used to it though. If you are used to a push button style vibrator or a dial this could be a bit of a mood killer. There is nothing worse than having to fiddle with dials and controls when you want to fiddle with something else.
The other major drawback is that it is an 'outside' toy. If you are really into clitoral stimulation then this really will be great for you. If you like to be filled then this toy by itself might be a little frustrating. (Note to self, check how OhMiBod and Ben Wah balls work together!)
On the whole the Better Than Chocolate is a great addition to the toy box. It is nice to have something a little different to play with and something that can give pleasure to both partners at the same time is a thing worth valuing.


  1. Nice review, might have to look at buying it for my wife.

  2. We've always wondered about this item and whether it really worked! Thanks for the review! The shot of you using it is mouth-watering.

  3. AsULikeIt has put this item on special. You can now purchase it for $99 using the promo code GEMMABTC