Sunday, March 11, 2012

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

OK so I am bisexual. I do love boobies, a lot. They are great to look at, to feel, to suck on and to rub up against. This was one of the reasons I screwed up my courage and went along to Ladies Only nights at Couples International.

My first experience was mind boggling beyond belief. A bed with six or seven naked female bodies all stroking licking and touching each other. A scene that seemed to come out of every man's wildest fantasies. After that I was hooked. I got a huge amount out of going along and hanging out with a bunch of women.  I met a lot of different women with all different points of view. I learned a lot from all of them.

The thing I learned the most about was how a woman's body works. Somewhere back in the dim mists of the past Jake and I read about Female Ejaculation. At the time we had never seen anyone do it (we thought) but we had read about it and it seemed like a pretty cool thing to do. One one of my very first Ladies Nights. Leesa gave us all a demonstration about how to achieve this feat. Later when I was playing upstairs I had my first up close and personal view of gushing. 

On subsequent nights Leesa gave us more demonstrations on other parts of a woman's anatomy, different orgasm techniques and the like. One very memorable occasion she gave us a demo of a vibrator attached to a hammer drill! That wasn't something I am in a hurry to duplicate but... never say never!! I hear that tradesmen are good with this equipment. It sheds a whole new light on the idea of having the cum drilled out of you.

Being in an environment where there are no men around was a liberating experience. In the swing scene female bisexuality is accepted as the norm and to a certain extent expected. But usually the women playing have at least their respective partners as an audience. I am all for exhibitionism and I do love an audience but sometimes having men watching can make women a little self conscious. It is also not really 'normal' (for want of a better word) for six or seven women to get naked, pile on a bed and do what comes naturally in a mixed sex environment. If two spectators is a challenge the six or seven partners and probably the remainder of the people in the club or party will be very intimidating.

And so I really loved being in a all girl environment where I could indulge my passion for boobies and licking pussy without any pressure or penises. I loved the way that environment allowed women with less than perfect bodies be naked and sensual without being judged and self conscious. I loved the way women who really want to learn to pleasure themselves and other women were able to explore without worrying about not knowing what they are doing! 

Sadly Leesa has had to end these nights for various reasons and they will be no more. I am very glad I had the chance for these experiences and have met some awesome women. I feel like I am fully able to describe myself as bisexual and my sexual journey has been made all the richer by taking this little turn. I hope some day in the future I will be able to be in the midst of an all girl 'puppy pile' again.

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  1. That is an awesome story, you make me sad that i had to stop doing them . Thanks for all your support over the years and maybe we can do something down the track maybe a one off night just for all your efforts. xxx Leesa