Thursday, March 29, 2012

TFIF Week Two

Welcome to week two of TFIF. If you want a recap of last week have a look here. In keeping with the alphabet theme of the last few weeks this week's prompt was brought to you by the letter L and another kind Facebook friend.


If you want to play along leave a comment with your link below and leave a link to her in your posting. I look forward to seeing what comes along this week!!

I apologise for taking so long to put this up but life has conspried against me this week.

Sheri's long fingers gripped the bottle of body wash and squeezed some into the palm of her hand. With the water from the shower running down her back she lathered the scented pink gel over her body. Soap bubbles foamed over her breasts. Gently she squeezed her nipple between her thumb and fingers, smiling to herself at the sensation and the nipple hardening against her palm. Slowly the foam trickled down her body making a trail over her bare, shaven pussy.
"Spread your legs a little," Kev instructed. With a sly smile Sheri obliged spreading her legs and running her hands over her belly. She leaned back a little and a trickle of hot water flowed over her shoulder making a little river down her leg. Squeezing more soap into her hand Sheri rubbed her smooth belly and slipped her hands down into the valley between her legs.
"You dirty girl," Kev murmured from his vantage point on the floor.
"You love it." Sheri smiled at him as she used her fingers to open the lips of her pussy.
For a moment Kev glimpsed the pink bud nestled there before Sheri's finger covered it. There was a small sigh as she caressed herself and then slipped her fingers down further into herself.
Kev wormed his way across the floor to watch her pleasuring herself, fascinated by the way she teased her own folds. The room smelled of her body wash but he detected a slight musk of her arousal.
Looking amused at him worming on the ground trying to see she said, "I will make it easier for you." Without removing her fingers she leaned back and turned off the water and then stood so that she could place her leg on the edge of the bathtub.
"Let me see your cunt," Kev instructed her.
Sheri plunged her fingers into herself one more time and then slowly withdrew her hand caressing her swollen clit softly. She stood with one foot on the bath holding her labia open displaying herself for Kev. The room was silent and Sheri was achingly aware of her swollen throbbing clitoris. All she wanted was for him to reach up and stroke her but he remained annoyingly detached.
"Touch yourself again, " he commanded.
Sighing with pleasure and relief Sheri stroked her fingers over herself spreading her juice over her swollen throbbing clit and slipping her fingers deep into herself. Her fingers worked inside her in response to some deep inner rhythm. For a moment her face contorted and then her body spasmed with pleasure.
Kev watched quietly as she relaxed against the bathroom sink enjoying the afterglow. After a few moments she opened her eyes and looked at him.
"That was great," he spoke quietly. "I think we got some really good shots I will just load them up for us to have a look."
Sheri dressed while Kev fiddled with his camera before they both pored over the shots of her in the shower.
"I think that Brian will really like some of these." Sheri was enthusiastic. Together they flicked through the photos and chose their favourite ones. As he left Sheri hugged Kev, "You are the only guy I can trust to do this for me."
"No problems babe," he replied. "You know once I get a camera in my hand I can't think about anything except getting the shot."
Later that night she chose three of her favourite shots. She attached them to an email entitled it 'Thinking of you' and mailed it to her husband who was working on the other side of the world.


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  2. Love the lather ;-)

    I nominated you for a TMI Blog Award. Love your work and always appreciate the comments you leave on mine. You can see more about how the idea works on my blog entry today.