Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TMI Tuesday - 31 Favours

31 Sexual Favors for her/him features 31 circular tokens promising a variety of sexual services that will leave your partner utterly satisfied. You could drop one in her purse or in his lunch as a hint of what’s to come later or to hint at what sexual delight you’d like to savor.
This TMI Tuesday let’s play our own 31 Sexual Favors. List 31 unique and exciting sexual activities or services you’d put on your very own tokens that are guaranteed to make you the favorite flavor of the week.

Jake's Favours
I am finding it hard to think of 31 favours so I will try to think of as many as possible. Gemma is notoriously hard to please. (Really Jake I don't know where you got that idea from!)
1. Giving you a massage
2. Cumming in your mouth. (This is something Jake doesn't do very often with me and so it is a bit of a privaledge when he does.)
3. Organising a double vaginal penetration. (Ladies if you ever have the chance to do this please do. It is the ultimate!!!!!!!!)
4. Organising someone to sneak in while Gemma is asleep and letting them wake her up in a nice way.
5. Organising a Gang Bang (Ohhhhh yessss please)
6. Organising a mystery customer to come in while I am at work to seduce me. (hehe I like this one. I think I might steal it and do it for Jake some day)
7. Making Gemma squirt all over the place.
8. Licking your pussy any time you want.
9. Taking you out to buy a new dress.
10. Giving you a good spanking. 
11. Taking you out to a nice Japanese restaraunt.
12. Purchasing a new toy for your toybox. (Yes please. I have a small list if you care to have a look ;))
13. Cumming on your face.
14. Buying a bathtub for our outdoor courtyard. (I have been waiting for this for a year but summer is over now so I am not so worried about it.)
15. Building a new pergola fully equipped with spinning pole.
16. Massaging your feet.

Gemma's Favours
Every day favours for Jake;
1. Head job
2. Walking around the house with no underwear on
3. Walking around the house with nothing on
4. Practicing pole dancing while he is in the room
5. Back massage including the butt
6. Sex in a position of his requesting
7. Washing him in the shower
8. Talking dirty during sex
9. Sending him a picture of me wearing a hoodie and nothing else.

Special favours for Jake;
10. Dressing up for sex. Favourite clothing includes hoodies and short schoolgirl type skirts.
11. Purchasing him a new anal vibrator.
12. Going to work with no underwear on (we work together at his business)
13. Dragging him into the back room at work when no one is around
14. Making him chocolate pudding (I know this is not sexy but chocolate is an aphrodisaic)
15. Giving him my underwear to mind when we are out somewhere
16. Giving a fully choregraphed / rehearsed lap / pole / striptease
17. Sexy photo session
18. Head job while driving somewhere
19. Wearing a mini skirt and no underwear when we are planning a road trip
20. Full anal session involving vibrators / butt plugs and LOTS of lube.
21. A good spanking.
22. Tying him down and teasing him every which way before impaling myself on his cock

Extra special favours. These are reserved for VERY special occasions like birthdays or something like that.
23. Organising a couple of hot women to come for a visit after I have blindfolded and teased you
24. Having a hot sex session with someone and videotaping it so we can watch it together later
25. Leaving you blindfolded in a hotel while some unknown woman lets herself in to have her evil way
26. Role playing out a fantasy of your choice
27. Letting a man cum in my mouth and sharing it with you.
28. Playing a blindfold game that may or may not involve someone coming into the room with out your knowledge
29. Arranging for someone to come to our house and sneak in to ravish you

Favours for people other than Jake:
30. Visiting you at work for lunch in that empty office suite (yes I do mean you)
31. Sneaking around to your house when you are home alone, letting myself in and ravishing you in bed.

Now you have made your way through all that hop on over to TMI Tuesday to check out what other naughtiness is planned.


  1. All very very good ideas. I would suggest maybe a favour FOR Gemma, that He take you to a movie theatre and finger you while surrounded by people.....

  2. Great favors! We love the way you divided them into separate lists, i.e. everyday favors, special ones, and ones for someone other than Jake.

  3. Yowza...there's some very steamy ideas in there. These days I am particularly fond of the whole "office+sex" fantasies, for my own devious delight, but I'm glad other people share them!