Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome to TFIF

Welcome to the inagural TFIF. A few Twitterers and I were shooting the breeze last week and we decided it would be nice to have a weekly word prompt to write about. Now I have some very nice followers who have been doing this for me for a few weeks now so I offered their services. So here we are!. 

The word for this week has been provided by a very nice Facebook friend and it is....


I will be coming back here to post a little story I am currently penning using this word. If you want to play along then leave a link to your blog post as a comment. I would ask if you are playing can you leave a link back here so that other people can read other entries (assuming there will be some!).

Looking forward to seeing what comes along! 

When I was a child I was always being told not to listen at the doorway.
"If you eavesdrop you will end up hearing something you wish you hadn't," my mother would say. It never stopped me.
One day when I was fifteen I was walking past my older sister's bedroom door and I heard her bed springs creaking. Our Mum wasn't home and she had sneaked her boyfriend into her room. This time listening wasn't enough. I bent down and peered through the keyhole.
For the next few minutes I stood transfixed by the sight of their naked bodies wrapped around each other. I felt stirrings between my legs as I watched his firm butt cheeks pumping between her legs. My sister's head was thrown back on her pillows and her small moans mixed with his quiet grunts. After a while they changed positions. The boyfriend stood beside the bed and I could see his cock standing out in front of him. I had never seen a cock so full and hard. I bit my lip to stop myself from gasping and I felt a trickle of wetness between my legs. I ran down the hallway to my bedroom and turned the radio up so that I couldn't hear them anymore. That night when I closed my eyes to go to sleep all I could see was that hard throbbing cock.
I promised myself I would never spy on my sister again but a month later she brought her new boyfriend home after school and I was back at the keyhole watching them kissing and peeling their clothes off. I glimpsed his cock, not as big this time, but still I felt that throb between my legs and the wetness. I became a compulsive voyeur. Every time I knew she was in her room with a boy I would watch at the keyhole until the throbbing became almost unbearable and then I would go into my own room and lie on my bed with my legs apart. I would push aside my wet panties and stroke myself alternating between the hard little node and the place where babies come from. Sometimes I would pound myself with my fingers the way I saw her boyfriends do it.
After a year my sister moved out and I got my own boyfriends. I never got over that secret guilty pleasure of watching people. In Senior I spied on Lilly Adams and her boyfriend when they snuck into the back of the concert stage one lunch time. She was dating this jock. I stood behind the third curtain watching them fucking on the choir stairs behind the back curtain. She had her skirt pulled up around her waist and her panties around one ankle. His jeans were down around his knees. He unbuttoned her shirt and I could see her perfect round breasts as he squeezed them and sucked on them.  Then she reached down and pulled his cock out of his boxers. I was so horny I pushed my hand inside the waist band of my skirt and into my own knickers. My fingers moved in time with Lilly's hand stroking up and down the jock's cock.  She opened her legs wider and guided the cock between them. I rubbed my clit hard watching transfixed as the Jock's buttocks pumped against Lilly's hips.
The little node between my legs grew harder. My finger worked skilfully over it as the Jock's butt pumped hard and Lilly gave little moans of pleasure. I felt the spasm of my orgasm and clamped my lips together as I came so they wouldn't hear me. Almost at the same moment he pulled his cock from her and splashed cum over her thighs. I could smell the scent of his cum mixed with her arousal.
"Quick get your pants on before someone comes," Lilly whispered.
"It's too late," the Jock grinned. Lilly slapped him.
I backed out of the curtains and quietly made my way to class. That night I thought about her legs wrapped around his waist as I fondled myself again.
Years later I was sharing a house with a college friend Julia. Julia was like my sister, she seemed to have a string of willing young men knocking at her door. My boyfriend and I often made love to the sound of Julia and her latest in the next room. One night I came home from work and poured myself a drink. There was no sight of Julia and my boyfriend was out of town for a couple of days with work. I was jittery and horny and wished he was there. I took a shower while I thought about calling one of my friends and arranging to go out to party. As I left the bathroom I heard voices in Julia's room. There was the creaking of bedsprings and the all too familiar sound of Julia's moans of pleasure. Before I realised I was standing at the door bent over to peer through the keyhole. The juice flowed between my legs as I saw a naked butt almost right in front of the keyhole.
Then I noticed something strange. This butt had a tattoo identical to the one on my boyfriend's butt. A tiny redback spider. It was exactly where my boyfriend's tattoo was. I frowned and watched more closely as Julia put her arms around her lover and guided him to the bed. The mattress sighed as the two of them sat down and I glimpsed the man's right arm. There was the same tattoo as my boyfriend had! My heart hammered in my chest as I opened the door. Sure enough there was my boyfriend Sam and Julia sprawled naked on the bed in front of me.
There was this long awkward silence as they looked at me and I looked at them. Julia looked good enough to eat.
"Why didn't you two tell me you were here?" I let my towel fall to the floor and stood in front of them totally naked myself. "We are wasting good fucking time!"


  1. I really like this idea! Can't wait to see how it all turns out...might even try to find a little bit of time today to play along.

    1. Here's the link to my TFIF post! Hope you like it.

  2. Keyhole View - Part One is ready and posted. Thank you! Http:// Enjoy!

  3. Thank you guys for being part of the first TFIF. I hope that we see you again next week!